Who is Vin Diesel’s Girlfriend? [2022]

Vin Diesel

Who is Vin Diesel’s Girlfriend? Is Vin Diesel married?  These are one of the hot topics of the decade.  The woman behind the man who made 7 Fast & Furious movies and stars in The Chronicles of Riddick brings meaning to the phrase “behind every great man there’s a great woman.” Never heard of her before? Then let us introduce you to Paloma Jiménez, Diesel’s beautiful wife, long-time girlfriend, life partner, and sweetheart. 

Vin Diesel is known for playing tough characters, but he also had a soft side when it came to his girlfriend Paloma Jimenez, who he first met filming The Fast and the Furious; Vin spotted her from across a studio lot.

They dated for 7 years before receiving their first child, but their friendship didn’t end there. Ten years later, after she posted an emotional Instagram story about how Vin “changed her life,” this action made them rekindle their romance, and rumors spread that they got separated in 2016.  

Vin Diesel Girlfriend
Vin Diesel Girlfriend Paloma Jiménez

It’s a question that sparks heated debates among Vin Diesel fans: Who is Vin Diesel’s girlfriend? The answer is Paloma Jiménez, and together they have three kids, Hania Riley Sinclair( B. April 2, 2008), Vincent Sinclair (B. 2010), and Pauline Sinclare (2015).  So what do we know about this mystery woman? 

Paloma Jiménez’s kids are also growing and young, and they have a complete family life with a proud father  Fast and Furious actor Vin Diesel and a proud mom Paloma Jiménez.

Who is Paloma Jiménez ?

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Paloma Jiménez Is a Mexican Model, Actress, Singer, and Entrepreneur. She is the daughter of Mexican film director Rigoberto Jiménez.  She was born on August 22, 1983, in Acapulco, Mexico, her full name is Karla Paloma Jiménez Denagustin.

Paloma is a professional model and started her career in Mexico and shifted to the U.S  for higher opportunities. She worked on some of the world’s biggest and most popular brands in her long-lasting two-decade career. 

Paloma Jiménez is a long-term partner and girlfriend of the famous American action movie star Vin Diesel. The duo is together for more than a decade. However, rumors spread in 2016 that the duo was separated.

But the reality is that they are still together and have three kids. Paloma is a Mexican; she can speak  Spanish and English fluently, which helped her peek into this tough competitive modeling industry. 

Paloma Jiménez  Career

Paloma Jiménez Started her career in Mexico in the professional modeling industry. Hearing Mexico, you can remember  Salma Hayek, one of the most popular Mexican models. The Mexican beauty and Vin Diesel girlfriend Paloma is also a Mexican  Beauty associated with the Mexican fashion industry before she moved to the U.S in search of big opportunities. 

Paloma placed one of the top Mexican Magazin Maxim cover girls in 2005; she got many opportunities after a few times.  She worked with the world’s topmost brands like Coca-Cola, Honda, Pantene, and many more. Her name and fame spread everywhere, and she started getting many more opportunities. 

She worked with such famous fashion designers as Hector Terrones, Lily of France, Alberto Rodriguez, Carlo Demichelis, Abel Ibanez, Clara Gonzalez, Pineda Covalin, etc. Her long life, almost a 2-decade career in the fashion industry, makes her famous and earned her a lot of money.  

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Paloma Jimenez’s  Net worth in 2022 is approximately $5 million; working hard, she gained such an amount from her entire career and became one of the richest American fashion icons in 2022. 

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Paloma Jiménez and Vin Diesel Dating and relationship Since 2007

Paloma Jiménez and American Action Star and Super Hero have been together since 2007, and their long-lasting evergreen relationship always becomes headline occasionally. Vin Diesel’s Girlfriend Paloma is 2nd woman in his life before Paloma Diesel dated his Fast and Furious Costar famous Actress Michelle Rodriguez.

Vin Diesel
Vin Diesel

So now, when someone asked you  – Tell me who Vin Diesel’s first girlfriend is, you can have the answer them. 

What is the Age Difference  Between Vin Diesel and his Girlfriend?

When People get to know the couple’s age difference, they immediately make responses on social media; memes are started popping ups.  The same happened here; Vin and Paloma sometimes become the center of discussion due to their 16 years massive age difference.

But it’s also the fact that Age is nothing but a number, many times, it is also proven that the age difference may not cause any major differences. But sometimes it plays a vital role in making couple bonds stronger because a mature soul can easily take care of a younger partner. 

Rumors Spreads Vin Diesel and Paloma Breakups

The rumors spread across the internet in 2016 that Diesel and Paloma got separated.  But the news is not true. The hot couple is still together and spending their quality life with their family having three Beautiful God gifted kids.  But it’s also the fact that still the couple not married.

Sometimes it was also spread the news that the couple tied the knot in 2017.  To support this news, there is no strong evidence there; just like before the rumors spread, they become separated from each other. 

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In 2016 rumors spreads that Paloma is going back to her modeling career, and Duo is separated due to Diesel’s extra affairs. But in response, Diesel blew out anything that was whirling around.

He said the story is completely false, and they are in a relationship, and their bonding has not been affected by this false news. We pray to God their relationship may long last, and what doy think, people?

If you have any valuable thoughts and suggestions, you may share them with us via commenting below. 

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