59 Positive Affirmations For Codependents To Recover You

59 Positive Affirmations For Codependents To Recover You


Most of the time, being codependent is a struggle. You can feel drained when you are not in control of your own emotions and life. But, there is no need to feel alone. There are many people who have felt the way you do and have managed to get past it. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some positive affirmations that have helped me overcome my codependency and make peace with myself.

Why Are Affirmations Important for Codependents To Recover?

Codependent people have a hard time coping with the emotions of others and dealing with their own emotions. Their shame often prevents them from expressing the need for their own desires and enjoying personal happiness. It’s not uncommon for a codependent person to be jealous or envious of friends who are successful at work, in love, in relationships, or happy.

They want what others have without having to face the painful process of change that it would require. But recovery from codependency doesn’t happen overnight; it takes hard work and practice over time to become less invested in being other people’s happiness providers without being happy themselves.

Affirmations for Codependents

If you have ever struggled with codependency in any form, you may be doing so because of underlying issues that were present for most of your life. Codependency can be a debilitating and lifelong issue, but it does not have to be. Recovery from the effects of codependency is possible but it will take work on your part.

The following list offers 59 affirmations for codependents to recover you:

1. I am not responsible for the emotions of others.

2. My feelings are valid.

3. It is okay for me to feel frustrated, angry, and annoyed.

4. I am safe and secure.

5. I am healthy emotionally, mentally, and physically.

6. I have control over my emotions.

7. I do not need others to make me feel better or happier.

8. I am worthy of love and caring.

9. It is my job to take care of me, not others.

10. I will forgive myself for doing the best I could with what I had.

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11. Being a codependent is not the same as being weak or powerless; it is simply a way to deal with things until I am stronger and more powerful.

12. Everything will work out in my life if I let it, and know it will all work out in the end somehow, someway.

13. I am a great and powerful person.

14. I am worthy of love and care because I am a good person.

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15. I am not responsible for the actions of others.

16. My needs are important and must be addressed if I want to be happy and healthy.

17. I deserve to be happy and feel loved even if I never find it in a romantic relationship with someone else.

18. I am not afraid to admit mistakes and face them instead of denying them or pretending they never happened.

19. I feel safe and secure because I know no one is out to get me.

20. I will take good care of myself because it is the best thing for me and I need it more than anyone else does.

21. If others are giving me instructions, they are not doing this because they really care about me, but because they want something in return for the advice or input that they are giving me.

22. I can only change myself, and I will work hard to change the things I need to, so that I can be happy and content.

23. I deserve to achieve my goals in life and I deserve good things in my life.

24. If someone else tells me how to live my life, they are not looking out for my best interests and they are not doing it because they love me either; they just want something from me.

25. If others are trying to change me or make me feel bad about myself, they are not really trying to help me; they are just looking for a reaction from me.

26. I need to stop giving other people control over my life and instead take control of my own life and live according to my values and beliefs.

27. I deserve the best life possible and would not choose anyone else to live it with if I was given that choice; therefore I am the only one who can change my circumstances into the life of my dreams, if I really want them enough.

28. If someone really loves me, they will respect and value my opinions, thoughts, ideas, feelings, wishes, wants etc. and the way I live my life and the decisions I make.

59 Positive Affirmations For Codependents To Recover You
59 Positive Affirmations For Codependents To Recover You

29. If someone can’t accept me as a person, they are not actually in love with me anyway because they only try to control me and manipulate me through their behavior.

30. People will do things to please themselves and nobody else, no matter what I say or what I do; so there is nothing that I can do about it anyway.

31. If people really loved me, they would support and help create the life of my dreams for myself; but if they don’t then they don’t think much of my ability to take care of myself anyway and therefore have no reason why I need their help or support anyway.

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32. I deserve to be happy and healthy, but if I can’t be my best then there is no reason for me to feel guilty about it either.

33. I won’t be able to change the things that are wrong with me if I don’t do something about them, and I need to make a point of working on my issues so that I can live a happier and more successful life in the end anyway.

34. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks of me enough so that it should affect my mood or behavior because they have no control over how I feel or act anyway.

35. If I can’t be happy, then I don’t deserve to be happy because I’m not being fair to myself by accepting and allowing unhappiness into my life.

36. The world is not out to get me and deliver me a low quality of life anyway; so if my life isn’t what I want it to be, then it’s up to me to make it better, no matter what others do or say.

37. I will try harder to make certain changes in my life so that they can become true and can happen.

38. I deserve better than the situation I am in anyway.

39. Others have their own needs, concerns and problems also; so it’s not fair for me to feel responsible for what happens in their lives too.

40. I am dedicated to my goals and dreams because they are what I want the most and they are very important to me.

41. If I don’t try, I will never succeed, so there’s no point in being afraid of failure.

42. It is important for me to have a sense of personal power because in order for my life to be as good as it can be it has to be about me, not about what other people say or do for me.

43. I must take my time in life and make sure that I enjoy every step of the way, instead of rushing myself along.

44. If I don’t make a change in my life and become the person that I want to be, then it is highly unlikely that anyone else will be interested in making these changes for me also; so I have to do this for myself and nobody else can do it for me either.

45. My body deserves the best and I must take care of myself.

46. People will not always be there for me; therefore I must focus on what makes me happy.

47. I will take care of myself when no one else is taking care of me.

48. My problems will not be solved by others.

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49. I will take my life by the horns and make it happen for myself.

50. If everyone wants something from me in return then they really don’t love or care about me just as I am.

51. I will accept that I am who I am and do things the way I do.

52. My mind controls my body; so if my diet doesn’t work or my exercise program is not working, it is time for me to change things up and make certain changes to have a better life in the end.

53. I am the only person who knows what is right for me and how to live my life.

54. If I have issues that are preventing me from living my best life then I will decide to take care of them on my own and not leave them up to other people to solve for me.

55. Just because life doesn’t always go the way that I want it to, it doesn’t mean that my dreams can’t come true.

56. If a person can not see what is good in me or value my strengths or weaknesses, then they don’t really know me at all and their opinion isn’t worth listening.

57. Nothing will work out if I don’t work for it.

58. I have to make a point of taking care of myself so that I can walk confidently into my best life.

59. Learning to love myself will help me to feel better about myself and have more happiness in life gradually.

How To Use Affirmations For Codependents To Recover?

Affirmations are a powerful tool to help you in recovery from codependency. They can help you learn healthier boundaries and work on your codependency, as well as build self-esteem. Affirmations are one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective ways to change how you feel.

They are a powerful tool to help you overcome anxiety, depression, and codependency. Only you need to start reading the affirmations, and it will automatically boost your self-confidence.


As you can see, it’s really easy to use affirmations and other techniques to help cultivate a recovery mindset. And the best part is that they work! Your life will change for the better, and you’ll be able to make lasting changes in your relationships with yourself and others.

If you have anything to ask, you may write on the comment section below. Thank you for reading the complete article.

Stay Happy and Motivated!

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