Best walkers in the world

Best walkers in the world

Who is the best walker in the world?  We are all aware that all across the globe there are many sporting events that are conducted for a variety of sports activities. Among them, there is one that involves walking for a short distance, which is called Weight-Bearing Exercise. Among them, there is one that involves walking for a short distance, which is called Weight-Bearing Exercise. Short distance walking is very easy but when it times to complete within very stipulated times, it becomes hard. 

As we walk, we are carrying our own weight, which is why walking is also called Weight-bearing activity. In the world, there are thousands of walking competitions held and many walking champions are chosen from those. Some of the most famous champions include:

01. Mikhail Schennikov.

02. Tom Bosworth.

03. Perez.

05. Jens Ziersch (Germany).

06. Paul Edwards (USA).

Coming in the second is Mikhail Schennikov from Kazakhstan. He was introduced as one of the best walkers in the world. All efforts have brought him this position and he himself won two gold medals at the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and 2000 Summer Paralympics Games. He broke his own record to win a gold medal at the 2008 Beijing Paralympics. He was also awarded more than twenty recognitions which include:

Best walkers in the world
Best walkers in the world

The third spot is awarded to Tom Bosworth who also comes from Great Britain. He has the ability to reach 10 km in the shortest time before sixty minutes. He was also chosen as one of the best walkers in the world. He also won two gold medals at the 2004 Athens Olympic Games in the 200-meter event and one for 10000 meter walk event as well. His efforts have earned him awards from many recognitions including:

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Jens Ziersch from Germany holds sixth place on this list of best walkers in the world. This man is a record holder in the 5000-meter event and he won another gold medal at the 2006 World Championships held in Guangzhou, China.

Why You Should Try Walking a Mile from Today Onwards?

It’s an outdoor game you can play at any time and at your own pace that requires no equipment.  No equipment is needed so you can go for a walk anytime and anywhere. Additionally, walking is a good exercise option for those who are overweight, those who are elderly, as well as those who have not been active for a long time.

According to our earlier discussion, walking a mile will take 16-21 minutes. If you wish to cover this distance quickly, you should pace yourself fast. 

Best Walker in the world
Best Walker in the world

When you walk, you get many advantages as well benefits. To become a fast walker, you may have to add a few miles to your daily walking distance. Therefore, we strongly recommend walking at least half a mile every day and making it a part of your daily routine.

In order for you to receive more information about the time to walk one mile, the advantages gained from walking, and other details you might desire, we hope that this will be more accurate for you. While reading this article, you might be inspired, and start to walk today, but how can you stay safe while walking on the road? Our exclusive article will guide you through. Hope this will benefit you.

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