Is Pepe Aguilar Mexican New Generation Singer? Check His Net worth, bio, dating, and more.

Pepe Aguilar

Pepe Aguilar is a Mexican singer, songwriter, producer, and businessman born on August 7, 1968, in San Antonio, Texas, United States. His musical genres are regional Mexican, corridos, norteña, ranchera, banda, and Latin pop. Pepe is one of the artists who has received the Hollywood Walk of Fame. His full name is José Antonio, Aguilar Jiménez.

His parents are Mexican singers and artists, father Antonio Aguilar and mother Flor Silvestre, and the artists’ family’s youngest son. Circumstantially he was born in the United States as his parents were on tour, but he grew up in Zacatecas, in north-central Mexico.

Popular Mexican singer Pepe became famous when his album “Por Mujeres Como Tu,” released in 1998, became one of the best-selling albums. He has bagged many Grammys, including one for the famous album “Por Una Mujer Bonita.” Mexican and Mexico-American Singer Pepe Aguilar become a member of the World Music Singer. Pepe is one of the big names in the American entertainment industry, having a high-tech studio in Latin America; people become a millionaire and richest Latino singers.

Let’s check out The Biography Of Pepe Aguilar: “The Voice Of The New Generation Of Mexican Music.”

Pepe Aguilar Mexican Singer
Pepe Aguilar Mexican Singer | Source Instagram

Quick Bio

  • Full Name: Pepe Aguilar
  • Nickname: Pepe
  • Father’s Name: Antonio Aguilar
  • Mother’s Name: Flor Silvestre
  • Date of Birth: August 07, 1968

  • Age: 54 Years Old (As of 2022)
  • Horoscope: Leo
  • Birth Place: Texas, USA
  • Ethnicity: Mexican
  • Nationality: American
  • Profession: Actor, Singer-Songwriter
  • Pepe Aguilar Net Worth: $10 million (approximately)
  • Height / How tall Pepe Aguilar?: 6 feet 5 inches (1.96m)
  • Weight: 87 Kg
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Instagram Profile: Instagram Id
  • Tiktok Profile ID: N/A
  • Official Website:

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Personal life

Pepe married for the first time, at age 22, with the singer Carmen Treviño, from whom, after four years, he divorced and with whom he had his first child: José Emiliano. Soon after, he remarried Aneliz Álvarez-Alcalá, with whom he has three children: Leonardo, Ángela and Aneliz. All his children have inherited the artistic gifts of the Aguilar family, and some of them have already made their debut as singers.

Pepe Aguilar wife
Pepe Aguilar wife | Source and Credit Instagram Singer Instagram official

Question 1. What is Pepe Aguilar’s marital status?
Ans. Married

Question 2. How many children does Pepe Aguilar have?
Ans. Four Chidren name Emiliano Aguilar, Aneliz Aguilar, Leonardo Aguilar, and Angela Aguilar.

Question3. Does Pepe Aguilar have any relationship affairs?:
Ans. No

Question 4. Is Pepe Aguilar gay?
Ans. No, he is not gay.

Question 5. Who is Pepe Aguilar’s wife?
Ans. Carmen Trevino ( m. 1991; div. 1996)
Aneliz Alvarez-Alcala ​ ​ ( m. 1997)​

Question 6. Who is dating Pepe Aguilar?
Ans. Currently, he is not dating anyone and has lived with his wife Aneliz, for 23 years.

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Pepe made his debut as a singer in his childhood. When he was just 3 years old, he first sang in Madison Square Garden in New York City at his father’s Concert. He started his Rock Band “Equs” in his teenage.

Pepe is an artist with an exceptional voice and great charisma with a musical career of 35 years of success both in Mexico and throughout Latin America. Aguilar is used to reinventing himself not to be left behind in the public’s taste and continues to show that he is one of the greats of ranchers and mariachi music, although he ventures into other genres.

His concerns have led him to have his own high-tech recording studio, wherewith state-of-the-art equipment, he obtains very high-quality sounds for his productions.

Pepe was born in an artistic family, behind the scenes, on platforms, surrounded by chords, lights, stages, concerts, and musical tours. At the age of three, he sang for the first time, with his father, in a show that he gave at Madison Square Garden in New York.

At the age of 16, he began to compose songs, and, incredibly, his first steps were taken at the age of 19, with his rock band, called Equis, in 1987. Although four years later, he presented his first album entitled “Pepe Aguilar con Tambora,” As an exaltation of norteño music and Mexican cumbias. This album had two additional volumes in the following two years and, they were the prelude to him making the first musical production of his album: “Que Bueno” in 1994.

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List of Back to Back triple hits music albums

In 1998, the album “ Por Mujeres Como tú ” was released on Billboard’s 20 most popular songs for 52 weeks. This was the beginning of Aguilar’s indisputable success, with three musical productions, which his followers called the “Por” Trilogy, and gave him fame and appreciation. These albums, released between 1998 and 1999. The list has been bellowed. You can go through it…..

  1.  For women like you (Por mujeres como tú) in 1998.
  2.  For the love of always (Por el Amor de Siempre) in 1999.
  3. For a pretty woman (Por una mujer bonita) in 1999.

These albums earned him a leader in sales in Mexico and the United States for almost 3 years in a row, winning virtually all the international awards in the Latin music market. And giving rise to Pepe being called the voice of the new generation of Mexican music. These three music pieces helped him establish himself in this substantial, demanding, superhard competitive popular entertainment industry in the musical world.

History of Pepe Aguilar as a businessman

Within the world of music, Aguilar has created two record labels and a recording studio. One of the record labels conceived it for rock in Spanish and the other for traditional Mexican music. With both record labels, Aguilar planned to develop new musical talents for Mexico and the world.

His music began to be produced under the label ‘Equinoccio Records’ in 2003, his first project, his thirteenth album, called: “Y Tenerte Otra Vez.” From that moment on, Aguilar achieved the independence he needed to produce music, from the genres he likes in how he conceives them. In this way, he has managed to make a difference in the musical world, masterfully combining musical styles and genres with great public acceptance.

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He is an artist who, in the same album, presents himself as a charro on the cover and as a New York gentleman on the back cover. Aguilar sings with mariachi and a symphony orchestra because, without a doubt, Pepe is no ordinary man.

Aguilar decided to create his music studio, so he worked hard to equip it with the best production equipment. Neo Audio is the name of Aguilar’s music studio, and he has recorded 11 of his studio productions, including the Grammy Award-winning ones. In this musical studio, musical mixes show a vihuela and a guitarrón accompanying electric guitars and saxophones—a remarkable union of the traditional and classic with the new, the acoustic, and the modern.

A fusion that only Aguilar has achieved with great mastery has led his music and other artists to be recognized for its outstanding quality. So much so that this studio was for years among the five best recording studios in Latin America, where stars such as Julieta Venegas and Lupita D’Alessio have passed out and established themselves as the fame of the entertainment world as a singer.

Pepe Aguilar discography

In almost 35 years of a musical career, Pepe Aguilar’s discography has more than 23 albums, managing to delight the public with studio and live albums:

Studio albums list

  1.  Pepe Aguilar con tambora (1991)
  2. Pepe Aguilar con tambora volumen 2 and Recuérdame bonito (1992)
  3. Pepe Aguilar con tambora volumen 3 and Chiquilla bonita (1993)
  4. Qué Bueno (1994).
  5. Pepe Aguilar con mariachi (1996)
  6. Por Mujeres Como tú (1998)
  7. Por el amor de siempre and Por una mujer bonita (1999)
  8. Lo grande de los Grandes (2000)
  9. Lo Mejor de Nosotros (2001)
  10. Y Tenerte otra vez and Con orgullo por herencia (2003)
  11. No soy de nadie (2004)
  12. Historias de mi tierra (2005)
  13. Enamorado (2006)
  14. 100% mexicano (2007)
  15. Homenaje (2008)
  16. BiCentenario 1810/1910/2010 (2010)
  17. Lástima que sean ajenas (2013)
  18. No lo había dicho (2016)
  19. Fue un placer conocerte: Gracias Juan Gabriel, volumen 1 (2018)

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Live recorded popular albums

  • En Vivo Live (2007)
  • MTV Unplugged (2014)

Pepe’s Aguilar most successful songs or singles has been given bellow

  1. ‘Recuérdame bonito’ from the album with the name of this song (1992).
  2. ‘Me bebí las estrellas’ from the album ” Pepe Aguilar con mariachi” (1996)
  3. “Directo al corazón’ and ‘Por mujeres como tú” from the album with the name of this last song (1998).
  4. Me estoy acostumbrando a ti, ‘Este terco corazón’, and “Llamarada” from the album ‘Por el Amor de Siempre’  (1999).
  5. ‘Perdóname,’ ‘Tenías razón,’ and ‘Por una mujer bonita’ from the album with the name of this last song (1999).
  6. ‘Me vas a extrañar’ from the studio album Mi Historia (2005).
  7. Por Amarte composed for the telenovela Destilando Amor (2007).
  8. ‘Prometiste,’ ‘Miedo,’ and ‘Mi credo’ from the live album MTV Unplugged (2014)

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Awards and Fame and Recognitions

While we are discussing the biography of Pepe Aguilar, it is essential to list the awards, recognitions, and fame that have been awarded to him during the musical Journey of Pepe Aguilar. Otherwise, it would be incomplete, as they have had their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame since July 2012, positioned next to his father’s.

Billboard Latin Music Awards

The Billboard Latin Music Awards were the first to recognize this great artist’s musical work in 1999. He has bagged lots of Billboard Latin Music Awards.

  • He won in the category ‘Hot Latin Track of the Year’ for Por Mujeres Como tú.
  • He also gets nominated in three categories, additionally which are gives him lots of fame.
  • As Regional Mexican Album of the Year, Male for the album Pepe Aguilar con mariachi.
    As Latin theme of Mexican regional of the year” for Por Mujeres Como tú.
  • As a Producer of the year.
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At the 2000 Billboard Latin Music Awards, he was nominated for ‘Regional Mexican Album of the Year, Male’ for two albums: ‘Por Una Mujer Bonita’  and  ‘Por el Amor de Siempre.’ All these two albums became famous in 2000, and people liked his creation.

2001 Billboard Latin Music Awards: He was next then nominated in 2001 in the category “Regional Mexican Album of the Year, Male” for two albums: “ Por Una Mujer Bonita ” and “Lo grande de Los Grandes.”

2002 Billboard Latin Music Awards: He was again nominated in 2002, in the category of “Regional Mexican Album of the Year, Male” for the album “Lo Mejor De Nosotros.” same time, he was nominated for the category Producer of the Year.

Then there was a five years gap. Finally, in 2007, he was again selected and nominated for the  2007 Billboard Latin Music Awards: He was nominated for the category of Regional Mexican Album of the Year in the Male section. He was appointed in 2007 for the album “Enamorado.”

Grammy awards

Aguilar has won Grammy Awards in” Best Mexican / Mexican American Album ” for the albums. Here are a few lists that he has earned throughout his musical journey. All these awards are given to that person who truly deserved them.

Pepe Aguilar
Pepe Aguilar
  • For A Beautiful Woman i.e Por Una Mujer Bonita in 2000.
  • Historias De Mi Tierra  in 2006.
  • 100% Mexican in 2007.

Latin Grammy Awards list

Apart from the Grammy award, Pepe has also won Latin Grammy Awards in Best Ranchero Album category for the albums. The award was honored to him due to those beautiful albums; check it out…

  • Historias De Mi Tierra  in the year 2006.
  •  Enamorado in the year 2007.

Aguilar has also garnered six additional nominations for the Latin Grammy Awards.

Popular songs for soap operas

Within the biography of Pepe Aguilar, it is essential to note that he has also written songs for telenovelas, for the popular Mexican television soap operas that are popular.

  • Eres Mía, for the Dare to forget me (Atrévete a olvidarme) in 2001.
  • Por Amarte, for the telenovela Destilando Amor in 2007.
  • Neither with you… nor without you (Ni Contigo… Ni Sin Ti) for the same name’s soap opera in 2011.

Some Lesser known facts about Pepe Aguilar you never know.

  • He is known for his best-selling, award-winning Mexican Music Albums.
  • Pepe won many Grammy Awards, including the Latin Grammy award too.
  • He is one of the wealthiest Mexican singers, producers, and High-tech Music Recording Studio Owners.
  • He married twice in his life, having 4 children. He is a complete family man without having any controversy.

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