Loni Willison Was Spotted Barefoot Walking For A Meal In Los Angeles.

Loni Willison, the ex-wife of Jeremy Jackson, was spotted barefoot walking and rummaging through garbage in heartbreaking photos.

Homeless Loni Willison, ex of Baywatch star Jeremy Jackson, resurfaced barefoot and pushed a shopping cart this week.

She is well recognized for her marriage to the actor Jeremy Jackson. In 2012, the couple tied a knot, but they separated just after two years in 2014.

The 39-year-old former swimsuit model was spotted walking in the streets without shoes and an unexpected look. She was dressed in a large green scarf, an oversized denim shirt, and black leggings.

Loni was pushing a shopping cart while smoking a cigarette. She also wore a cap on her head. As far as it appeared, her cart was overflowing with what appeared to be her things.

In another viral picture, she held an ice cream cup with her left hand and shipped a drink with the other hand.

Loni also delved into a dumpster during her search, though what she found inside was unclear. The former fitness model Loni has been homeless for over five years. 

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Everything To Know About The Fitness Trainer Loni Willison.

  • Loni is rarely seen in public.

  • In October 2020, she reappeared for the first time after going missing for a few years.

  • The last time she appeared was in the previous year, 2021.

  • During the hot summer day, Loni was seen outdoors in Los Angeles, the United States.

  • At one point, she even climbed inside a dumpster.

  • Loni wore jeans, a black cap, a maroon sweater around her hips, a black belt, and fuzzy slippers.

  • Her shopping cart was crammed full of items while she held a bottle of Dr. Pepper and guided the cart with one hand.

  • She smoked a cigarette the whole time she was there.

  • A few months ago, Loni was also searching through a movable waste container.

  • A pink cap replaced her black cap as she changed into leggings and slippers
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 Reason Behind Loni Willison’s Awkward Behaviour

It was not that long ago that Loni Willison was on top of the world. Willison, a successful fitness model and the wife of a former Baywatch star, was living the dream.

However, Jeremy Jackson’s ex-wife found herself living on the streets after a mental breakdown and a tense divorce. 

Where Is Loni Willison Now?

After missing for nearly a few years, the former model was spotted again in October 2020. Well, Loni has again been seen in Santa Monica. 😥

Some Key Facts You Must Know About Loni Willison And Jeremy Jackson

  • The marriage between Willison and Jackson ended after the actor allegedly attacked his wife in their West Hollywood home.

  • In a 2021 interview with The Sun, Loni explained that she was homeless because of some nasty people and that neither drugs nor celebrity life was a factor.

  • She stated that she’s kind of stuck.

  • Even if she asked for help, she didn’t get any help from anyone.

  • Loni continued, she got electrocuted before becoming homeless for nine months, every damn day so that she couldn’t stay put.

  • Neither she could live in an apartment nor a house. She also confessed that she couldn’t live anywhere since she had to move around so much.

  • She also explained that she wouldn’t mess up someone else’s life because someone messed with her, so she’ll just have to wait and see what happens in the future.

  • When asked about her relationship with Jeremy and the pair’s last time, she told The Sun that she hadn’t spoken to Jeremy. Loni doesn’t want to speak to her friend; She is doing just fine. She doesn’t want anyone to help her.

  • Loni previously worked as an assistant at a cosmetic surgery center in Los Angeles.

  • However, she is said to have suffered a mental breakdown in 2016 and lost her job, apartment, and car.

  • The former model reportedly turned to drugs and has battled addictions to both meth and alcohol. She also deals with mental health issues.
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