Skin disease can tell you a lot about your health

Skin is the mirror of illness

Skin Disease: Skin is the mirror of illness. Increased melanocyte activity results in increased melanin secretion, which leads to darker skin. Understand what causes skin discolorations. 

“Mom why is there such a black spot on your cheek?

cheek? cheek?  I wonder what happened to it.   ‘It looks just like that!”’ that!”’ that!”’ The question mark appears if there is an abnormal strain on the baby’s body. The parents felt embarrassed. We may never know what the disease is.

Social diseases require far-reaching treatment. It is crucial not to overlook the original treatment. The focus of anxiety should not shift to the other side, even though this danger is not the same as being terrified.

In the beginning, it’s important to understand its science. The skin contains melanocyte cells, which produce a pigment called melanin, which plays an important role in determining skin color. There is a problem in the process of making skin color when these cells are not functioning properly.

Increasing melanocyte activity leads to an increase in melanin secretion, which darkens the skin. However, this is just one of the reasons. As a pediatric dermatologist, Dr. MO says, “The skin is like a mirror of a bigger problem (systemic illness).” Therefore, understanding the causes of the darkening of the skin is important. In between, you can also read 11 Benefits of Belly Button Oil.

Skin is the mirror of illness
Skin is the mirror of illness.

 Ephesians or Freckles

 Excessive production of melanocytes increases the concentration of melanin, resulting in small brown spots. These spots are there, all the places that come in contact with sunlight. This type of disease is more common in children whose skin is white and whose hair is red or brown. It is usually seen in early childhood and gets better with age. Demoralizing cream is effective in stopping sunscreen or excess melanin from the cells.

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Another name is hyper-melanosis; the color is light to grayish brown, and the stain is very scattered. The part where the sun shines is more likely to appear. Most of the girls, especially those who walk in the sun. However, hereditary factors, ultraviolet rays, or hormonal problems also cause this disease.

Hydroquinone (2-4%) and tretinoin (0.05-0.1%) creams are very useful in this case. Topical azalea acid (15-20%) is also effective.   According to Dr. Mo, cosmetologists often talk about chemical peeling, which means removing the top layer of skin with glycolic acid. This process has to be done at regular intervals.

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Post-Inflammatory Hyper-Pigmentation

 Spots all over the area, light black in color. It can cause various allergies or itching (eruption), the rash can also come out, such as contact dermatitis. This disease lasts for many days. 

Photo contact dermatitis

This disease can cause brown hyperpigmentation as well as skin eruption. This is due to excessive exposure to skin exposure to the hot sun, and sometimes excessive use of perfume. However, in the case of perfume, itching starts within 24 to 48 hours of application. The skin may become rough; the juice may come out, or even spread.   According to Dr. Mo, “It’s a kind of allergy, so steroid creams may be needed. With anti-allergic eating. Sometimes sunscreen or moisturizer can be effective very well.”

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Edison’s disease

A disease of rare nature. This results in hyper-pigmentation around the eyes, in the palms of the hands, in the lower part of the navel. As the disease progresses, the hair color also changes. It can happen at any age, boys or girls. This is due to the decrease in steroid secretion from the adrenal glands.

The main symptoms are weakness, fatigue, weight loss, low blood pressure, etc., and sometimes vomiting. In this case, just talking about sunscreen. Take it, because Doctor thinks it is much more complicated from the point of view of medicine.

This means that children with this disease should see a pediatrician because the main problem behind it is deeper. For example, there may be disturbances in the secretion of hormones (Abnormal secretion of cortisol from the adrenaline glands). The dermatologist, therefore, quickly referred you to a physician.

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Fixed drug eruption

Allergy or eruption due to stomach upset or painkillers. The only place is light brown, swollen, and itchy. Leaving for a week can lead to scars, which take a long time to match. This problem is due to the fact that the same medicine comes back, basically in the same place in the body. Hence it is ‘fixed’. Sometimes it spreads to the whole body. This can lead to erythema, edema, and eventually hyper-pigmentation. In order to avoid this, the special medicine is stopped first. If necessary, the doctor also gives anti-allergic or steroid cream.

Pigmented purpura dermatosis

This disease involves problems with the normal blood vessels, resulting in a small amount of blood coming out and forming black spots on the skin. At first, its aura is light red, then manifests or turns into black. Even if such spots cause loss of beauty in the body of children, there is no danger in terms of health.  Then the doctor advised the patient’s medications. Anyone can use hydroquinone or azelaic acid.

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Black Spot

Black spots on the face. Hydroquinone and tretinoin steroid creams and lotions. In this case, it is better to avoid sunlight and oily cosmetics. 

So it is good to understand that whatever the social crisis is, it should not be confused with treatment, No compromise when this situation arises, you must consult a skin specialist. It is important to treat skin diseases as recommended by physicians. 

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