The best ways to keep your lipstick fresh throughout the day: 7 lipstick Tips and Tricks

7 lipstick Tips and Tricks

How to keep your lipstick fresh all day? We all want our lipstick to last longer and look just as we applied it yesterday.  Here’s how to find the perfect shade.

Nobody wants to look at rough, cracked lips painted with smudged lipstick. The goal is to make the lipstick last as long as possible and look like it was just applied. However, many women face the problem of having their lipstick fade. Below are a few tips that will help you maintain the freshness of your lipstick throughout the day.

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No 1. It is important to scrub dead skin on your lips before you apply lipstick so that your lipstick lasts longer. Sugar, honey, and rose water are some ingredients you can use to make a lip scrub at home. When you are done with the lip scrub, you can apply lip balm followed by lipstick.

7 lipstick Tips and Tricks
7 lipstick Tips and Tricks

No 2. When applying lipstick, there is a great tip to keep in mind. Try not to touch your lips while they are still moist. This will prevent your lips from becoming dry and cracked.

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No 3.  Before you apply lipstick, make sure that you give it enough time to dry.

No 4. Lip liner should be applied to the entire lip as well as the corners of your lips. This will ensure your lipstick liner sticks to your lips and lasts longer. The lips will feel thicker after applying this method.

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No 5. Before applying lipstick, moisturize your lips thoroughly with a lip primer. Moisturizing your lips is a very important step. Especially if you plan on attending an event soon, this will be especially useful. You can also reduce the amount of primer you use by using foundation rather than a primer. The result should be positive.

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No 6. With a fluffy brush, apply some pressed powder on top of the lipstick after pulling a tissue between your lips. To make sure your lips are as long-lasting as possible, apply another layer of lip color.

No 7. You do not want to compromise quality whenever you purchase the lipstick. It would be best to use a good brand of lipstick regularly as the product is directly applied to your lips. If you use liquid lipsticks or bullet lipsticks, then do so in a way for the lipstick to last as long as possible.

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