Myths about Hair Fall: 7 Misconceptions that you may follow unconsciously

Myth About hair Fall

Myths about Hair Fall, 5 Misconceptions About Hair Fall. As far as skin and hair care is concerned, many misconceptions exist. We have compiled a list of a few things to keep in mind. The process of hair loss has nothing to do with dandruff, but still, many people blame dandruff and relate it to hair falls. 


Even though there is a lot of talk about skin and hair problems. It has been said that even if they do not follow any rules, they can keep their skin and hair healthy. Yes, it’s true. 

7 myth about hair fall you should know
7 myths about hair fall you should know

However, some others out there may think that good health cannot be achieved without regular facial and hair care. As a result, there has been a lot of confusion among people about which one is correct. Several misconceptions are believed to exist regarding the damage that can be caused to hair due to certain types of actions. The following are some common myths about hair loss:

Let me give you a list of some common myths about hair loss.

No 1. Dandruff causes hair to fall

Many people say that. I’m sorry to say, but that’s not true. However, dandruff and hair loss seem not to be linked in any way. Your scalp can become dry due to dandruff. You may experience increased itching as a result. There is a possibility that some hair will fall out as a result. However, dandruff does not increase the chances of hair loss.

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Myth About hair Fall
Myth About Hair Fall

No 2. Hair Care Products Can Cause Damage To Your Hair

Many people, both men and women believe that hair care products can cause damage to their hair. I agree that some products can cause damage to your hair, but most of these products are designed keeping in mind the fact that they should not cause hair loss as well. 

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No 3. Hair falls out when using cosmetics

Many people use different kinds of creams and chemicals on their hair. However, all of these are used to decorate the head. Overuse of any of these can result in poor-quality hair. In her case, however, she will not experience any hair loss.

No 4. Applying conditioner to the head will increase hair loss

Many people think that applying conditioner can cause hair loss. But this is a completely wrong idea. Repeated use of conditioner can make the hair on the hair heavy, i.e., thick, but hair loss will not increase.

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No 5. Applying shampoo every day cause hair loss

There is a common belief that your hair will fall out if you rub your head too much. You may lose some hair when you shampoo your hair. But you can further damage your hair if you do not wash the dust and dirt that will accumulate due to not shampooing. In addition, the amount of hair that is shed while shampooing is not particularly harmful either. As a result, Setuku can read Amnio throughout the day.

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No 6. Applying more oil will reduce hair loss

if you follow these suggestions; many hair problems can be healed with oil massages. Although oil massage may seem to be the answer to the problem of hair loss, that doesn’t mean it will necessarily solve the problem.

No 7. Applying hot hairdryer

Some people blame hairdryers too. Many people believe that using a hot over-heated hair dryer frequently can damage your hair. Too much usage of a hot drier can dry your scalp, which is not good. To prevent dryness, you must dry your hair normally as much as possible.

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