Who is Alex Choi? Check his Net Worth

Alex Choi

Alex Choi is a popular Youtuber for his dangerous Stunts, which he did with his modified luxurious exotic cars. The Popular Youtuber made a dedicated channel for this and frequently uploaded these stunt videos on his own Youtube channel. But the question is how he managed to buy these expensive exotic cars? How does he manage his expensive cars?

As of 2021, the estimated Alex Choi’s Net Worth is $2 million; he is one the youngest youtube who earns huge revenue from his Youtube channel and various sponsorship and Instagram Brand endorsement. Alex has a huge fan subscribers on his Youtube Channel and massive Instagram followers on his account.

Choi Belongs to the richest family, and it’s the certain things that to fulfill his dream, his family pumped money from his pocket secretly. But it’s a fact that Alex Choi also earns from the Yotubube channel using Adsense monetization due to the huge fan followers base. Alex’s posted car content brings lots of views, and many brands approach him to promote their products which also helped him earn decent money from his social media account.

Quick Bio/Wiki/Wikipedia

Name Alex ChoiFull Name Alex ChoiNickname: Alex, Choi Alex CDate of Birth: October 25, 1999Age: 22 years old ( As of 2021)Place of Birth: Los Angeles, United StatesNationality: South Korean Ethnicity: AsianGender: MaleZodiac Sign: Scorpio.

Alex Choi
Alex Choi |Image source Instagram @alex.choi

Age: Alex is 22 years old Vibrant, a young boy who currently lives in Los Angeles, United States, but he belongs to South Koren, Holding a South Korean passport.

Alex Choi Famous for Alex Is famous for his Car Stunt, and have a professional Youtuber who post Car content on his social media platform like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. along with his Youtube Channel.

Which Citizen Ship Hold Alex Choi?

Alex Choi was born on October 25, 1999, in Seoul, South Korea, in a rich family. But the Choi holds dual citizenship in South Korea and the United States. He moved to Loss Angeles, California, USA, where he is currently living for a long time. Alex belongs from South Korea but has an ethnicity that is Asian.

He has a Youtube production house here, where he shot most of his Youtube Video teamed up with his production house.

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How Did Alex Choi Become a Popular Stunt Driver and Youtube Stars?

As we already said, Alex came from the richest family and enabled him to buy luxury cars that people dreamed of becoming having. Having lots of Luxury cars, itHaving hits public sentiments and drew massive subscribers to his Youtube Channel and Alex Choi Instagram Account.

It’s Facts that the Alex family has lots of interest In Luxury cars and provided money to full his son’s dreams. Alex’s family have already had a luxury car before he Started his Youtube Channel. As per Alex, He was once told that When he was 16, he crashed his mother’s expensive car, the Mercedes Benz S-class model.

When He was young, he tried to impress his friends by stunting his mom’s car. But unfortunately, drifting the car goes wrong and hit a small tree. The small tree was plowed, and Alex escaped from a big injury. Alex admitted later that this incident taught him many lessons.

Alex Choi Educational Qualification Family Background

Alex is strongly focused and knows how to balance between professional and personal life. As Alex Choi’s name is hand to hand go with controversies, supercars enthusiast Alex didn’t share many details about his personals life.

He has not shared his father’s mother’s and siblings’ details on any platform as of now. We are still looking for this information; it will be updated here when available.

Alex Choi’s Educational Qualification is still not disclosed, and we know that he belongs to a wealthy family. His childhood was spent with lots of support and care from his parents. His parents never deprived him of anything that he demanded, and they fulfilled everything that he wanted to. It’s the fact that he received all those expensive cars at little age under 21 is really great. As many people have lots of craze behind these supercars, in reality, Alex uses those not even that he makes stunt videos using those luxurious exotic cars. He has a lot of expensive car collections in his garage.

Alex Choi’s Height, Weight, and Body Measurement

Height: 5 feet 6 inches

Weight : 65 kg 143 lbs

Hair Color: BlackEye Color: BlackBody Type: Athlete

Alex Choi Girl Friend and Relationship Dating

As we already told you that Choi does not feel comfortable mixup his professional and personal life together. To escape from any controversy and hectic and busy life, he is always silent when it comes to his personal life. He avoids the limelight and, as of now, is quite successful in doing that. He has not disclosed his love life on any platform, and people this that he is single still now.

Alex Choi Girlfriend
Alex Choi Girlfriend |Image source Instagram @alex.choi

Alex has not dated anyone as per the information available right now, and he is currently focusing his career blindly. It also points out that he has not been spotted anywhere with any girl considered his girlfriend. But it’s a matter of time, and fans are waiting one day for he will come up with the romantic chapter of his life. Till then, folks, please wait.

Alex Choi with his Super Car
|Image source Instagram @alex.choi

When Did Alex Start His Youtube Channel?

Alex Began his Youtube Channel in July 2017. He has lots of expensive cars which people love to have with them. The cars that most people dreamed of Alex used for a stunt in his Youtube Videos, which drew lots of subscribers in his Youtube Channel and his Instagram Handle. He uploaded his first youtube video making a video on “Fiat 500e Drift Car Build.” After publishing the video, Alex gained thousands of subscribers on his Youtube channel, which inspired him, and he takes it as a professional career. Alex is similarly popular on his Instagram Account, Where he shares lots of impressive car collections, Luxury Car modifications, and impressive stun videos.

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Alex Choi’s Net Worth 2022

Alex is a successful Youtuber and A professional Stunt Drive equally popular in his Instagram channel. Alex Choi posted several eye-catching videos, “Lamborghini Launch Control Reaction Compilation videos” and the Modification of those exotic cars. He accumulated and gained massive subscribers to his channel, side by side with fame and name. Any video he posts gets thousands of likes and millions of views. Alex uses a range of expensive exotic, stylish supercars in his video, including the most eye-catching super Car Lamborghini Huracan selling on the current market for more than $180,000 in our market. You can imagine how much money he possesses.

Alex Choi Net Worth
Alex Choi Net Worth | Image source Instagram @alex.choi

He makes money from Instagram also where he published products that draw attention to the brands to promote their products. The majority part of the revenue comes from his Instagram handle also.

So how rich Alex Choi Is? As of 2022, the Estimated Alex Choi’s Net Worth is $2 million. In 2022 his estimated net worth was roughly $1.5 million.

Alex Choi and Controversy and Rumours

Alex and Controversy walk head-to-head because Being a Youtube might have a chance you may be a victim of controversies. It’s also a fact that some of his so-called haters try to pull his leg, to down him with his morals. In 2018 Alex himself published a video captioned ” Police Seized my car and Sent me to Jail.” It’s also the fact that while doing a stunt show, people got injured, and he ended up getting arrested later.

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In the same year, in September 2018, he narrowly escaped a fatal accident while doing a stunt on Mulholland Highway. The video shows a shivering spine-chilling footage where Alex narrowly avoids colliding with a high-speed motorbike coming from the rods. Still, he didn’t notice and suddenly skidded his supercar carelessly. This video showed Angrily, the motorcyclist’s girlfriend, who is not luckily on the motorbike, engaging in arguments.

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He was several times arrested due to non-compliance with the police. But it is a fact that Alex takes positively and doesn’t let any negativity impede his career. He has great skills to manage anything with a positive mindset. He always tries to control himself and doesn’t let himself feel controversial knowingly. Unfortunately, he is involved in the controversy, which may sometimes lead to life-threatening.

Alex Choi’s Instagram Profile and Social media

Alex’s Instagram account has more than 775K active followers, and his Youtube channel having more than 679K subscribers. You can follow his visiting link, which is given below.

You can Visit Bellow to Alex Choi’s Social Media Account

Instagram Handle: Here
Twitter: Not Available
Facebook: Not Available
Youtube Channel Link: Here

Have a Looks Alex Choi’s Expensive Exotic, Luxury Super Car Collection

If you become a supercar -enthusiast, you might have to wonder to glimpse a few cars still not shown to you guys. But don’t worry, you are here; you will definitely have the opportunity to video a few ones that bring you. Have a look

|Image source Instagram @alex.choi

Alex Choi spent most of his income on his car collection; at that time, we found few cars registered under his name and have a huge market price. People dreamed of having such a car in their garage.

Audi RS7: Choi Brought his first expensive Supercar in 2016, which cost him more than $90,000. This car’s current market price is $115,000 in the US market. Alex Admitted that this Audi RS7 was his dream from his childhood.


Maclaren 720s: His latest car collection is the Maclaren 720s he recently owned. His Custom wrap has gone viral on social media, and its become ended up with the game name Forza Horizon. The car’s current cost in the US market becomes $299,000 starting range in the US market.

Maclaren 720s
Maclaren 720s

Lamborghini Huracan: Lamborghini is one of the most expensive cars most people are crazy about. The name Lamborghini Huracan itself told the brand value of the supercar. Currently, the current market price for Lamborghini Huracan is $208,571 in the US market.

Lamborghini Huracan
Lamborghini Huracan

BMW M7: BMW the name itself enough to understand how much price it would be. BMW M series cars also quite expensive. The current Market price of this Expensive Luxury Car is more than $156,000 in the US market.

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