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Jose Jose Bio

José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz, famously known as José José, was born on Born February 17, 1948. He is a singer, author, actor, and music producer. He has known for his track josé josé – el triste.  He was born and grown in Mexico City. His full name was José Rómulo Sosa Ortizo City, Mexico. His full name was José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz. His parents were artists, His mother, Margarita Ortíz, is a concert piano player, and his father, José Sosa, works at the National Opera of Mexico. 

Since his childhood, he was in the school choir and participated in music festivals. He studied guitar in his spare time. When he was in high school, he was part of a trio in his cousin Paco Ortíz and his friend Alfredo Benítez, thus beginning his career as a singer. He was an excellent performer of romantic hits. However, his father showed his dissatisfaction by demanding that he listen to classical music and study Aviation Mechanics.

Jose Jose Bio
Jose Jose Bio | Image Source @pinterest

Quick Bio/Facts

  • Full name: José Rómulo Sosa Ortiz
  • Nickname: José José
  • Date of Birth: February 17, 1948
  • Age At the Dime of Demise: 71 Years old (As of 2019)
  • Profession: Singer, songwriter, actor, and music producer
  • Date of Death: September 28, 2019
  • Cause of Death: Pancreatic cancer


He decided to do his bidding and got small contracts to sing in popular cafes like A Plein Solei and Ipanema. His first album came in 1965: Orfeón. Later, he made appearances on television and was part of a jazz and bossa nova trio called Los Peg, along with Enrique Herrera and Gilberto Sánchez. While doing a presentation at Apache 14, he was contacted by composer Rubén Fuentes, offering him a contract with RCA Victor; he accepted it. He got the support of his mother, and in 69, he began to record. His first songs were Only a woman, But I miss you and Without her. At that time, he adopted the stage name José José.

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Success came with The Ship of Oblivion. He quickly began to gain followers. His voice began to sound throughout Mexico and Latin America. He was invited to the Latin Song Festival; he was in third place, so the public expressed their disagreement; they felt that he had to be in the first place. Sad was one of the songs he performed, and it quickly became a hit.

He made several international tours to Los Angeles, Miami, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Argentina. José began to have problems with alcohol. For the year 1971, he published Looking for a smile, the musical theme of his first film. From Town to Town (1972) sold more than 40 million records. Unfortunately, the joy of his artistic career was not proportional to that of his personal life.

His good work not only focuses on the musical field but also on acting. He had starring roles in such films as
Looking for a smile (Buscando una sonrisa ) (1971),
Dream of love i.e Sueño de amor (1972),
The millionth race i.e La carrera del millón (1973),
Gavilán o Paloma i.e Gavilán o paloma (1985),
Sabor a mi (1988), and Perdóname todo (1995). 

In 1985, a television special was made, marketed in the Video home format for the American Union market. I work for three years at the Tropicana Hotel (Atlantic City). He was in Tel Aviv, where he performed various concerts. For this reason, it gained some fame in the Middle East. Later, he moved to Japan.
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Jose Jose
Jose Jose | Image Source @pinterest

Fallen in Love with Model Elena

He travelled to Los Angeles and was awarded a Gold Record. There he met Ana Elena Noreña Grass, a former Mexican model, and actress, with whom he fell in love and began a relationship that lasted until 1991. As soon as they met, they fell in love, and shortly after establishing the relationship, they travelled to Cozumel in August 1970. At the same time, the relationship deteriorated due to various problems like the past close to prostitution. 

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For José José, it wasn’t easy to accept the past of his children’s mothers: José Joel and Marisol Sosa. Finally, all these stormy situations led to the breakdown of the marriage. Before the final break, they were left for several years. During that time, the Mexican artist married Natalia Herrera Calles., granddaughter of the Mexican Republic’s former president, General Plutarco Elías Calles, a marriage that lasted only 2 years.

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First Major Health issue was detected and Finally 2017 diagnosed cancer

 The Mexican celebrity Jose Jose had a respiratory attack in 1972 first time, and the most important newspapers published the news of his poor health: José José suffered a respiratory arrest, due to quick medical treatment he managed to recover from the fatal respiratory attack thanks.

After his recovery, he launched: I love you and Let me know you. Teatro Ferrocarrilero celebrated its tenth anniversary, as well as several concerts in public places. His most popular themes in other countries were: Feelings and Divine illusion.

In 2017, several rumours arose about José José’s health after being operated on for a tumour in the pancreas, in addition to his absence from the public place after leaving the hospital. The situation was such that it was said that his daughter had him in a kind of forced isolation. But, sometime later, José José assured him that such an accusation was a lie in an interview.

Awards and honours he received

The Mexican artist has received innumerable Gold and Platinum Records; in 1970, it was his golden age when he received 10 Platinum for The Ship of Forgetfulness. For the same musical work, he received 6 Gold. From there until 1989, he received around 30 Platinum Records and 40 Gold Records. Recently, at the Awards Lo Nuestro 2018, David Bisbal paid tribute to this legendary musical figure. David Bisbal performed his most popular songs, and I wish him a speedy recovery.

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Date of Death and Cause of sudden demise

On September 28, 2019, at the age of 71, a legendary Mexican Singer breathed his last and died of pancreatic cancer.

People Also Ask

Related questions asked on Google:

  • Why did Jose Jose lose his voice?
    Jose Jose struggled with Lyme disease, facial paralysis, and other serious illnesses that eventually led him to lose his voice. In 2017 popular Singer announced that she had been diagnosed with cancer 3. Years later, on 28th September 2019, he passed away.

  • Is Jose Jose still alive?
    No, The popular Popular Legendary Mexican singer passed away on 28th September 2019. 
  • What is Jose Jose’s net worth?
    His estimated Net worth approx $5 million (USD)
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  • What did Jose Jose do?
    Jose Jose is a famous Legendary Mexican Singer, Songwriter, and actor. He Sang many songs in the Spanish language. Jose Romulo Sosa Ortiz died after a long time battling pancreatic cancer. 
  • Where was Jose Jose buried?
    Panteón Francés Francis Pantheon, Mexico City, Mexico

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