19 Celebrities weight loss transformations: Before & After

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Celebrities Weight loss transformations directly impact socials. Sometimes celebrities need to transform their bodies according to the requirements on the screen, but most of the time, they need to look good, young, and charming to become limelight. Celebrity weight loss and transformation keep them on top of the list of the glamour world.

Because, nowadays, good looking image is everything, and your weight somehow contributes to or determines how others perceive you. The importance of celebrities is scrutinized more than that of the average person, and some have had to shed weight in order to lose weight

There are many celebrities who lose weight by undergoing gastric bypass surgery, but there are also celebrities who lose weight drastically by following diet plans. In order to change your lifestyle, improve your health, and achieve a healthy weight, you need a healthy diet and a regular exercise program.

Check out these celebrity weight loss transformations that we all admire as they shocked and impressed us. These celebrities managed to lose weight by changing their diet and lifestyle. So just keep reading; we have more than dozen celebrities whose weight loss before and after photographs may shock you. 

Celebrity Weight Loss Transformations

No 1. Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Melissa McCarthy has been getting a lot of attention for her role in the movie Spy, but it wasn’t just because she has excellent talent in acting but also her incredible physical transformation.

Yes, Melissa McCarthy lost a lot of weight for the role, and now she shed a few extra pounds from her body to get slimmer.  Now netizens are curious about Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss strategies, to dig out the secret of her diet plan, regular exercise, and much more to keep fit and slim. 

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

McCarthy says she has had fluctuations in her weight her entire life, but it increased when she moved to Los Angeles and started eating unhealthy food and stopped exercising. The actress went to a nutritionist for a controlled low-carbohydrate diet, and after following simple steps and maintaining dietary plans, she got what she dreamed of for a long time. 

Melissa McCarthy Net Worth
Melissa McCarthy

Melissa McCarthy’s Weightloss Journey can inspire you to follow her footprints to achieve the same result..  Recently we published her weight loss secret, and you can check from our website exclusively on, Megastarsbio.com.

No 2. Jonah Hill Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Even though Jonah Hill has experienced dramatic weight fluctuations, his comedic performances have made him a favorite among many. If you’re in a movie or if you’re ill, you’re constantly gaining and losing weight. After beginning his weight loss journey in 2011, he fell off the bandwagon and shot himself again in 2015 to depict his character in the movie, Dogs of War. Since then, he has been trying to lose weight again.

Jonah Hill Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Jonah Hill Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

According to reports, the 21 Jumpstreet star asked his co-actor, Channing Tatum, who is known for his incredibly lean and hot physique, for advice on how to shed pounds. In the last year, Jonah went from being excessively overweight to looking slimmer by working with a nutritionist and exercising regularly, although he gave up his favorite beverage, beer, to get in shape. His goal this time is to stay on track.

No 3. Aretha Franklin Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Aretha Franklin Weight loss Journey is one of the interesting topics that you want to know. Aretha’s 300-pound weight gain caused commentators and fans to worry about her health. In 2010, she was diagnosed with diabetes, which forced her to follow a stricter diet. In order to lose weight, she started portion-controlled dieting and going for long walks.

Aretha Franklin Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Aretha Franklin’s Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

She confessed that she could not stand seeing herself in the mirror because of all the extra pounds she’d put on. Aretha lost almost 85 pounds or 38 kg and maintained her figure normally in August 2018. She is one of the impressive celebrities, and her weight loss transformation clearly shocked her fan followers.  Aretha’s weight loss journey started when she was in his 70s, but still, she did this miracle. 


No 4. John Goodman Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

 John Goodman Weight Loss journey started in 2016 after completing filming “10 Cloverfield Avenue.” The famous Actor John Goodman fades up with his current looks and worries about the bad impact on his image. 

Finally, in 2016 John Goodman decided to lose weight, and he did it.  His commitment, perseverance, and hard work helped him lose 45 kg or 99 pounds, which is impressive.  He said he followed simple rules, and that’s worked out and, he Stopped eating all the time. Eating control helped him to achieve his goal very quickly. 

John Goodman Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
John Goodman Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

John Goodman experienced heavyweight, and the actor’s weight was nearly 400 pounds. During this time, John was embarrassed and became very serious with his heavy body. He started hating his looks. He becomes depressed and unhappy with his body. 

Not only image the actor was very cautious about his further weight gain, but he stopped overeating and left drinking. The actor decided to cleanse himself entirely by cutting off alcohol and replacing his diet enriched with fruits, vegetables, and protein shakes.

John Goodman’s weight loss journey is very interesting, and he started his journey with a professional personal trainer, Mackie Shilstone’s advice and exercise routine.

Mackie Shilstone is a premier Sports Performance Manager, Weight loss expert, fitness Guru, and Career Extension Specialist, whose expertise played a crucial role in the success and longevity of many world-class athletes and celebrities.

Mackie helped John Godman to lose weight up to 80 pounds.  But as history repeats itself, John again got it back, and coach Mackie decided he must try something new. Once, he took John to a graveyard, handed him a shovel, and told him to dig a hole in the ground immediately. 

He said and inspired John Goodman and became successful in making him understand that, “If he didn’t control his weight now, it will be very bad for him.”  Finally, getting help would be horrible, and taking motivation and inspiration, John Goodman shed over 100 pounds or 45 Kg.  Now he is feeling better, looking good and fit, and active.  Until 2016 he is now completely under control. What do you think about John Goodman’s Weight loss journey do let us know via commenting below. 

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No 5. Chris Pratt Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

You may want to know another interesting weight loss journey: Chris Pratt Weight Loss.

This American actor, Chriss Pratt, is known mainly for his role as the superhero ‘Star Lord’ in Marvel movies, weighing 136 kg while filming the comedy series “Parks and Recreation (2009-2015)”.

As we already said, his weight fluctuated due to different reasons during this time. He finally managed to shed his extra kilos from his body and started his weight loss journey in 2014. He said it several times in Men’s Health magazine about his fitness and habits.  It worked for him to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum and run five to six miles a day. 

Chris Pratt Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Chris Pratt Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

In 2013, while working on the popular series “Parks and Recreation” and being part of the cast of the film “Delivery Man,” Chris Pratt weighed 136 kg or 299 pounds. But when his overweight prevented him from getting the roles he wanted, he changed his habits. In 2014, for his role in “Guardians of the Galaxy,” he lost more than 37 kg or almost 80 lbs. 

Chriss Pratt’s weight problem started when he deliberately gained weight to fully update his role as Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation. He had to eat four hamburgers at a time, and he shot up to 300 pounds which were very difficult to shed quickly. 

In 2014,  Chriss Pratt,  Actor in Guardians of the Galaxy, lost more than 27 kg or 60 pounds in just six months by exercising for up to four hours a day.

This transformed him into a fit body with the incredible physique we admire today. Pratt maintains his calorie intake and regular exercise to keep him fit and in proper size. His chiseled framed body certainly wasn’t easy, and it takes time, needs dedication, hard work, and maintaining a diet plan regularly. We all admire the work and commitment that Chriss Pratt has put into whipping his overweight body and making sure there isn’t an ounce of excessive fats are there in his body. 

No 6. Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Shonda Rhimes Weight loss Journey is also a significant step for her health and her family.  Award-winning television producer Shonda Rhimes always got into trouble when her weight shot up an unbearable level. Gaining more weight caused various issues, she was not doing regular work, and it was challenging for her to look after her children.  

Her too much weight gain prevented him from walking up or down stairs, and she always got a bath into a sweat while doing minimal everyday regular work.  That’s not; her complexion reached a level where she started almost fainting while doing some hard work.  

Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Shonda Rhimes Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

For Shonda Rhimes, Weight loss becomes a major barrier and a difficult task to go in the right direction. But her confidence and dedication changed everything; she committed and set goals and started regular exercise.   She changed her diet plan and removed many favorite dishes like fried chicken and alcohol from her list.

Fortunately, Shonda Rhimes’s weight loss journey paid off due to her hard work; she spent lots more time exercising and changing her diet plan helped her lose 125 pounds or 57 Kg.  According to Shonda Rhimes, “It’s very easy to claim that some celebrity Weight loss weight, transformed their body shape, but in reality, it was very difficult for her to bring her body into shape.”     

What she hates to do, now exactly the same thing she has to do for maintaining shape, but it’s okay she understood that, in order to lose weight, keep ourselves fit and achieve good health, we must keep going on.  To maintain the body and lose weight, two essential things are required to change your diet plan, and you must have an active workout plan. Without exercise and controlling what we eat, we can achieve our goals.

Now Shonda Rhimes’s weight loss secret helped and inspired many people to take their first step, and also celebrity herself getting benefits from losing her weight, it is suitable for both her family and her health.  One thing she learned she must not going to stop under any circumstances…  She can only gain whatever she has achieved by hard work and dedication, which is very difficult for us. 

According to the inside report, the Grey’s Anatomy creator says,  “that the thing that bothers losing weight the most is how people treated it afterward,   She misses being able to eat lots and lots of fried chicken. We know it wasn’t easy for her to go through that transformation, and we applaud her for it.”

No 7. Janet Jackson Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Janet Jackson’s Weight loss journey could inspire you; as a star child, Janet stays the headline most of the time.  Her weight becomes so high that she always becomes the center of discussion. Her passion, hard work, and dedication helped her overcome this bad situation.  She struggled with her weight for years; finally, with the help of a personal trainer, Janet Jackson lost almost 70 pounds or 32 kg.  

Janet Jackson Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Janet Jackson Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

 All these miracles happen due to her strict diet plan and balanced nutritional value with a daily workout. Janet hired a personal trainer six weeks later when she delivered her baby. Thanks to the trainer and rigorous practice and preparation, it takes time, but finally, the last laugh was smiled by Jannet Jackson. 

A very strict nutritional balanced lifestyle contributed to achieving the goal.  Janet Jackson is now 53 years right now, and she is looking like 20 years young, vibrant girl, and it’s all about the secret of Jannet Jackson’s Weight loss strategy. 

No 8. Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Oprah Winfrey is one of the celebrities who love to eat, and foodie Oprah struggled hard to lose weight when she became overweight. The famous and most successful woman in the world, Oprah Winfrey, struggled for more than 40 years with her weight.  From zero size to plus size, she has touched every point.  

Billionaire Oprah Winfrey, whenever she felt hungry and depressed, her first choice was food, and in this way, her weight fluctuates again and again. 

Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss Transformation Before and After
Oprah Winfrey Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

All of her previous methods for trying to lose weight either proved unproductive or worked for a while only, but not worked permanent solutions. Some methods worked for a few days, and in most cases, she failed to achieve the goal. At last, she finds out what is going wrong actually. 

In 2015,  Oprah Winfrey determined that she must stop the excellent relationship with food and not give up.  Trying other exercise methods, etc., will not help if she can’t change her food habit; it’s food that causes more problems. Finally, She got a balanced diet plan with the help of a personal trainer, and along with regular workouts and exercise, she lost 60 pounds or 26 Kg. As of now, Oprah Winfrey Weight loss strategy worked for her, and she is currently maintaining a healthy and attractive figure at the age of 67. 

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9. Sam Smith Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Sam Smith’s weight loss secret may shock you! As you know, this famous singer is known for his music and also received Grammy awards for his talent.  But at this point, Sam Smith was faced with heavyweight and could not control his weight.  

Since 2015 Sam Smith has lost almost 50 pounds or 23 kg, and his look has been changed permanently. His super-fit athletic body may shock you; if you try to compare his before and after pics,  you will get clear pictures side by side. 

 His weight loss secret is a straightforward thing,  changing his unhealthy relationship with food and getting plenty of exercise and workouts regularly. Sam also did this while doing this, and he doesn’t let the pressure of work make him grow bigger and bigger; now it’s his top-secret about a healthy lifestyle and fit body.

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His weight seems to be dropping even more each time she appears in public, which is a fantastic transformation that he did for himself.   All credit goes to his nutritionist and Trainer; thanks to his excellent nutritionist and coach, the singer can now boast of having a slim body.  Sam Smith’s weight loss journey and transformation may inspire you to take a step towards a fit and healthy body. 

No 10. Khloe Kardashian Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Khloe Kardashian Weight loss is also one of the top searched topics nowadays, and the business tycoon recently disclosed her secret of losing weight. If you want to know, then you must go through this article. 

She is a famous American ‘socialite’ and successful businesswoman who belongs to the billionaire Kardashian clan. Her lifestyle and appearance change had been documented since 2007 on the reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

In the first seasons of that show, some viewers compared her to her supposed overweight to own her sisters. Something that struck a chord in the 36-year-old famous, who in 2014 initiated making efforts to lose weight. Naturally, since that year, her weight has fluctuated so much that her looks got changed dramatically.

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But in May 2020, Khloe revealed in a live broadcast of Poosh, her sister Kourtney’s clothing brand, who had lost almost 30 kilos since 2018, reaching 68. She added that she did so after her daughter True Thompson was born. She did it. Finally, she lost a reasonable amount of weight.  Khloe Kardashian lost weight, and her secret was also publicly shared.  She said that a mix of diet and exercise changed everything. 

Khloe has always been known as the chubby Kardashian until she ditched that image and lost weight. Her fitness trip was very public. She freely admits that it took her a while to get into it, but now she can’t imagine stopping.

Khloe works with a coach up to five times a week. Her transformation was so inspiring that she now has her program (Revenge Body), where she helps others to lose weight and achieve their fitness goals. You shouldn’t make any celebrity weight loss transformations list without telling their story.

No 11. Nicky jam Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Originally from Boston but a Latino family, Nicky Jam is one of the best-known performers of reggaeton. He is 40 years old and began to gain popularity in 2001 with his album Hajando estate,’ his second studio album.

Since then, he has released four more that include hits such as ‘Hasta el Dawn’ (2016) and ‘El Lover’ (2017). Those who know him for his latest songs may not know that he had a stage in his life where he looked completely different. As recounted in the Netflix biographical series ‘Nicky Jam: The Winner’ (2018), the artist suffered from obesity for a long time. Being overweight ruined his life, health, and looks. 

This became evident in her public appearances between 2005 and 2010, after which time Nicky jam began to lose weight until it looks like we know it today.

In 2018 Nicky Jam confessed in an interview with the Spanish media portal ‘Los40’ that the reason why he always wore black was that “it helped him hide his fat.”  Now you can check his transformation before and after weight loss; his fit and healthy body can shock you. 

No 12. Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

She was born in Sydney, Australia, and is one of today’s most recognized comedy actresses. She highlights her work as a presenter at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, her appearance in the cinema with ‘Perfect Notes’ (2012-2017), and in the most recent film ‘ Cats ‘ (2019).

However, this year, he has been in the public eye for sharing his weight loss secret on her social networks.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress Rebel Wilson exceeded 100 kg or 220 pounds. But in 2018, she had a health problem that motivated her to lose weight at any cost so that she could overcome the bad situation.  

Wilson made numerous changes, took steps, and sacrificed a lot to achieve her goal. He was eating fiber-rich foods like fruits, vegetables, oatmeal, grains, etc., and snacking on healthy fat when he got a craving almonds, guacamole, hummus, walnuts with veggie chips.

In January, she started her weight loss journey when she said that 2020 would be “the year of health” for her. Since then, he has uploaded some pics and videos, Instagram reels regularly,  showing how she is going through all these workouts and exercises. 

Similarly, she started sharing the progress and differences between before and after weight loss on her various social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, her Facebook official page, etc. 

On May 5, 2020,  Wilson was seen walking up and down the steps of the Sydney Opera House several times. This proved how she became serious about her health and determined to lose weight at any cost. 

The goal, she said, is to reach 75 kg or 34Kg by the end of the year 2020, a destination for which, in October, she only needs to lose a little less than 3 kg to achieve the goal. Finally, she did it within a few more days. 

Taking all those changes into immediate effects, combined traditional exercises, nasal reflexology, osteopathy, yoga, rigorous training, and workouts helped her achieve the goal.

No 13. Josh Peck Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Josh Peck is 35 years old and has an appearance similar to the one he had earlier in 2007 when the last chapter of the series that led him to fame was broadcast. Josh Peck has repeatedly said that he started losing weight in 2006.  Josh started his weight loss journey through diet and proper exercise, and workouts. He takes help from a personal trainer to lose weight scientifically and accelerate that effort to get results very short time.

He shared on his YouTube channel that he weighed 136 Kg; at the age of 21, he decided to undergo surgery to remove the excess fat and skin from his body after losing 50 kg or 110 pounds. 

The famous actor Josh Peck revealed his weight loss secret,  “to stay fit and healthy you must work out regularly and get the immediate impact you must change your diet plan. According to the actor Josh Peck, working hard, and rigorous workouts will not work; we need to change our food habits and diet plan accordingly to achieve our weight loss journey easier. 

Currently, Josh is married to film editor Paige O’Brien and has a son. In addition, earlier this year, it was revealed that he would participate in the rehash of the film ‘ Turner & Hooch ‘Disney Plus.  Currently, Josh Peck Weight loss changed his looks, and his transformation before and after can shock you if you try to compare his present and earlier looks together. 

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No 14. Jonah Hill Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Jonah Hill dealt with weight fluctuations his entire life, reaching a maximum weight of 113 kg or 250 pounds. Jonah Hill’s weight loss journey is much more painful because, due to various reasons, he was not able to maintain and become constant. 

The two-time Oscar nominee, famous actor Jonah Hill,  revealed that his only secrets to losing weight have been improving his diet, changing his food habit, making changes in his dietary plan, stopping drinking beer, smoking, and going jogging do the miracle for him.

After all, food habits are everything; one person can gain weight or become fit, active line, and healthy by choosing the right kind of diet plant needed for transformation. Thus he managed to lose 30 kg or 66 pounds easily.  This is all about Jonah Hill’s weight-loss strategy. If you anything in your mind wants to share with us, please make comments below, we shall be published in our article. 

No 15. Jennifer Hudson Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

 Who doesn’t know megastars, Jennifer Hudson? If you are a fan of Jennifer Hudson, you might see how she was looking before.  Her transformation might be shocking. 

According to Actress Jennifer Hudson,  he changed her diet and reached her goal.  Jennifer Hudson’s Lose 36 kg weight by just tweaking some changes in her diet and lifestyle.  

The Oscar-winning “Dreamgirls” actress Jennifer swapped simple carbohydrates and sugar for complex carbohydrates, vegetables, and grains. She also acquired habits like eating homemade food and playing basketball to keep fit.  

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No 16. Ethan Suplee Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Ethan Suplee is a famous American film and television actor. It is best known for its roles in American History X, The Wolf of Wall Street, Without a Paddle, Remember the Titans, and several of Kevin Smith’s movies and Frankie in Boy Meets World, and Randy Hickey in My Name Is Earl. 

But Ethan Suplee is now trending due to his incredible weight loss transformation secret and other celebrities. Ethan is always compared to other celebrities who have completed their journey and gotten rid of obsessing issues. 

The actor of the series “My Name is Earl” was overweight all his life, until a chat with his colleague Jim Caviezel decided to do something about it.   At that time, his weight touched 250kg or 550 pounds marks. His heavy-weighted body gives him trouble regular basis.  He was unable to complete his daily work. Various health issues impacted and downed his daily productivity. 

But with the help of a personal trainer and dietician, he reduced his 20% calorie intake and started the workout, exercising six days a week. His rigorous hard work and changing bad habits of food intake worked well.

His weight reduced from 500 pounds to 255 pounds, i.e., from 250 kg to 115 kg, which is a fantastic transformation making Ethan Suplee a strong, healthy, and fit-slim body.  Ethan Suplee before and after weight loss transformation changed situations.

According to Ethan Suplee, after shedding more than 135 kg or 250 pounds, he has problems getting hired because they don’t recognize him.

No 17. James Corden Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

James Kimberley Corden is a famous English actor, singer, comedian, producer, writer, and television anchor, who is currently in the headline due to his weight loss transformation journey. James managed to lose weight, and his transformation can be shocking; we bet if you have not seen him recently, you can’t recognize him.  

In the United States, James Corden is best known as the host of The Late Late Show with James Corden, one of the popular late-night talk show that has been on CBS from 2015 onwards.

The British actor and entertainer are currently on the headline due to his impressive weight loss journey. 

James dropped 38kg or 83 pounds before permanently settling in Los Angeles. In June 2021, he told the Daily Mirror how he lost almost 35 lbs in recent yea.   According to  James,  “I stopped consuming sugar and bread. And now I only eat at lunchtime.” This simple dietary change made him look healthy and helped him lose some extra pounds, which created a complexation in his life.  Now you compare his comparison with his earlier days. 

No 18. Chrissy Metz Weight Loss Transformation Before and After

Chrissy Metz is a famous American star. The “This Is Us” actress suffered from weight problems all her life.   She felt depression making the situation worse. 

When she turned 30, and after suffering a panic attack, he decided to change his strategy and must have to lose extra shed from her body.

She started eating 2,000 calories a day, gave up unhealthy food, and took 20-minute walks a day. The result? He lost 45 kg or 99 pounds just in 5 months. Amazing, is not it?  To read more about Chrissy Metz Weight loss Journey, Just visit Megastarsbio.com.

No 19.  Adele Weight Loss Secret Before and After

Adele’s transformation has been one of the most exciting stories about the celebrity weight loss category. Since her beginnings, she was overweight in the world of music, but her weight loss journey, accelerated surprisingly in recent months, during which time it is estimated that he lost about 45 kg or 100 lbs. How does she do it? What is the secret of Adele’s Weight Loss Journey?  Well,  According to her personal trainer, Adele lost weight mostly due to changes in her diet plan, despite exercising regularly. Exercise helps a lot but changing her diet plan makes her slim and fit. 

When Adele became famous in the music industry at just she was19 years old, topped the charts, and captured our hearts forever, she was very heavy plus-sized, and very tough as well. She regularly reiterated that she was proud of her body and that she had never felt so insecure about her weight. She strongly believes weight doesn’t play a vital role and has no impact on his career. 

According to her, the weight had nothing to do with her career, so there was no point in losing it. She made this very clear early in his career by refusing to work with anyone who suggested losing weight. In spite of their plus size, Adele became famous and established herself on the top list of favorite singers in the world.

She made music not for the eyes to see but rather for the ears to hear, she always said. However, after giving birth to her son in 2012, she decided to get in shape independently. She quit smoking, left drinking, and followed his nutritionist’s prescribed diet plan. Now, she is thinner than ever before, and you will not recognize her. She lost almost 45 Kg or 100 pounds. 

The fact that Adele can find her clothing size directly off the shelf is unusual and troublesome for her, but she’s getting used to it. The witty singer enjoys lifting weights, but she prefers hanging out with her friends at the gym. Still, she’s happy with her new shape and healthier than ever before. Adele Weight loss Strategy and secret inspired lots of people and positively impacted social media. 

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