[UPDATED] Chaz Bono weight loss Journey, Secret Revealed

Chaz Bono Before and After Weight Loss

Chaz Bono’s weight loss proves that everything can be possible if we are strongly determined, dedicate time and energy, and follow proper rules and discipline.  Chaz Bono struggled a lot in a dual transformation fight; on one side, he fought to lose weight. Another side, he struggled hard to transform his body from female to male.  

 Chaz Bono, full name  Chaz Salvatore Bono, is a famous American Actor, writer, and musician known for shedding his extra pound and becoming a transgender man.  Chaz Bono transitioning wasn’t the only thing he had to dwell with last decade; he has challenged himself to lose extra 80 pounds to reshape his body. 

Chaz Bono is the son of Sonny Bono and Cher. He appeared on the television show The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour in his Childhood. This article will discuss How Chaz Bono Lost 80 Pounds –  Chaz Bono Weight Loss 2021,  Diet Plan, Exercise, Surgery, and More.

Chaz Bono Weight Loss After
Chaz Bono
Name Chaz Bono
Full Name Chaz Salvatore Bono
Date of BirthMarch 4, 1969
Place of BirthLoss Angeles, California, US
Age 54 years ( As of 2023)
Father’s NameSonny Bono
Mother’s NameCher Bono
Famous ForAmerican Actor, Writer, Musician
Weight Before 113 kg 
250 lbs
Weight After77 kg
170 lbs
Lost Weight43 kg
80 lbs

Chaz Bono Weight Loss
Chaz Bono Weight Loss

Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Journey Started 2012

Famous American Actor and former Dancing with stars Contestant started his weight loss journey after completing his gender transition.  Due to the transition of his gender, he has to underdog a painful hormonal imbalance, which adds extra pounds to his body. 

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 Bono started the gender transition from female to male in 2008 and completed it before 2010. He had officially changed his gender along with her name as Chaz Salvatore Bono. Chaz has documented the painful journey as ” Becoming Chaz,”  and later, it premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. 

After 2 years, He started his Weight loss Journey in 2012. He tried and applied different things.  When he started his weight loss journey, Chaz has overweight and obsessed. 

Chaz Bono Weight Loss
Chaz Bono Weight Loss

Chaz Bono Weight Before Weight Loss Journey

Chaz Bono measured his weight at 213 lbs, i.e., 113 kg; he lost around 43 kg, roughly 80 Pounds, by changing his diet.  The earlier time he targets to shed 50  pounds, he follows a diet rich in vegetables, fruits, and meat by replacing cereals grains, and white starches. 

At the beginning of his Weight loss journey, he was thought to identify the meal plan. What should he have to keep on the plate that will work for him?  But finally, he identified that and worked for him. 

He said,  “No Sugar, No grains, No cereals, No white starch, no Dairy except got cheese, No portion control, high-intensity heavy workout,” it actually worked for him, only changing habits and lifestyle.  A little bit of workout and proper habits can do the miracle.

How Did Chaz Bono Lose Weight? 

Chaz Bono adopted a few methods which worked for him. After Chaz Bono’s gender transition, hormonal therapy caused him some weight gain.  Obsessed Bono decided to lose some extra pounds and set a goal to lose up to 50 lbs. 

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According to Chaz, a diet plan won’t help them lose weight; his secret of losing weight fast is kept in proper habits and changing foods items on a plate.  He also adopted workout, proper exercise, dancing, and martial arts skills helps to Chaz Bono’s Weight loss journey a lot.  

In 2012 he shed extra 60 pounds, which is more than the goal set by 50 pounds. 

Chaz Bono
Chaz Bono Weight Loss

What is Chaz Bono’s Weight Loss Diet Plan? Why did he say Diet Plan, not Works?

After shedding a few pounds off, in an interview, he claimed that “Diets Don’t work.”  Chaz’s success in losing weight fast, choosing the right and smarter foods, and having good habits changed his lifestyle and body shape perfectly.

Chaz Bono comes out from being obsessed with normal healthier attractive body physiques by adopting a diet rich in  Fruits, Vegetables, and Meat. Fiber and protein-rich foods, vegetables, nuts, etc., are the list of main foods which was his plate. 

He Cut off Sugar and white Starch, and cereals; as per Chaz, if he can give up grains, Sugar, Starch, anyone can do that easily.  Changing food habits and a smart diet can work, really works. 

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Did Chaz Bono have bariatric surgery to lose weight?

 During Female to Male transition, various surgery like Penile reconstruction, nipple cut off and nipple construction, etc., all are done under various complex surgeries.

But When Bono appears a smart physique,  rumors spread that he might have undergone Bariatric surgery to lose weight. 

When rumors spread across in an interview with Extra Tv,  Chaz says  that “He has not undergone any weight loss surgery.”  His clear-cut said that his weight loss secret only depends on changing habits,  proper exercise, and smart food choices in his diet plan.

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He also admitted that, after 80 pounds of weight loss,  he removes excess loose skin, handing around his stomach with the help of surgery.  According to him, that surgery is not meant; he went through a weight loss surgery called bariatric surgery.  

Chaz Bono Weight Loss Workout secret

Now the question may aeries Chaz Bono’s Workout secret to lose weight.

Well, according to Bono, to lose weight, we need to change our habits. Diets will not lose weight, but proper habits and exercise accelerate the weight loss process and burn down extra calories. 

Chaz Bono Before and After Weight Loss
Chaz Bono Before and After Weight Loss

According to Chaz, he loves his body moving; his dancing skills and martial arts training become part of his daily routine. In this way, he burns extra calorie intake through homework out.

Apart from Martials Arts and Dance, he performs various workout, which makes him fit and active and helps to great physiques easily.

Here are a few Workouts he regularly follows.

  • Dancing
  • Martial Arts
  • High-Intensity Interval Training
  • Jump Rope
  • Pushups
  • Step-ups
  • Kettlebell Swings
  • Low Intensity Cardio


All those exercises helped and worked to get his desired well build physiques.  Chaz Bono Lost around 80 pounds, near about 43 kg, using this scheduled regular workout.


Chaz Bono’s Weight loss journey was not easy; he completed his gender transition from female to male; during these periods, hormonal imbalances induced his obesity. He gained lots of weight, around 250 pounds in 2010. After 2 years, when his transgender transformation was completed, he decided to lose weight. 

Chaz Bono’s Weight loss journey started in 2012, and after various strict schedules and routines, like a Diet plan using Sugar-free, White starch-free, Cereals free, High fiber, rich protein meat-based diet, and Rigorous regular exercise, helped him to shed 80 pounds.  He gets a proper healthy and wealthy physique and attractive body. Chaz Bono Weight loss Journey inspired many obsessed people to shed their extra weight too. 

What do you think about Chaz Bono’s Weight loss journey Don’t forget to share with us. 

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