Angel Del Villar and Cheli Madrid’s Daughter’s Stunning Look and beautiful Pics and Adorable Video

Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter-2

The announcement on social media strengthened the love bond between Ángel del Villar and Cheli Madrid, who were expecting a baby. On September 27, 2020, Chiquis Rivera’s ex and his current wife received the greatest blessings, a baby girl named in honor of her father. 

A few months after their birth, we compiled some of her most tender and special moments on the music producer’s social network profile Instagram, and the Mexican regional genre singer. Are you ready for an overdose of sweetness and cuteness to fill the childhood stage once again? If so, scroll down to see the Stunning pics and videos of an adorable baby girl born in a celebrity home. 

The Baby girl was the 7th child of Angel Del Villar and the 1st Baby Girl of Cheli Madrid and Angel.  2 boys and 4 girls already filled the Angel Del Villar family with a past relationship, but this is the first baby from his lovely sweetheart Cheli. 

As she is called at home, Angelita is the sixth daughter of Ángel del Villar and the first-born for Cheli Madrid, who seems to be daydreaming since he had her in his arms. The couple, who secretly married on February 27 in Newport Beach, California, is going through one of its most solid stages after their princess’s birth.

The marriage followers have been pleased to contemplate Princess Ángela del Villar in some of their initial photos. Her first Halloween, her first birthday, and her first Thanksgiving celebration. In addition to her first winter looks and some of the most spectacular shots of the tender heiress.

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Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter-2
Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter |image Source @Instagram

It was beautiful on Thanksgiving Day.

The traditional dinner that is celebrated to give thanks for all the blessings found Angelita dressed in Pavia. “My princess’s first Thanksgiving Day,” said Ángel del Villar, showing his pride for the youngest of his six children.

As her name suggests, we saw her with angel wings on her first Halloween occasion on her first album. Date, her mom called her “the most beautiful little angel I’ve ever seen” Who would not like to take some photos like that of their spoiled ones?

Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter-4
Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter |image Source @Instagram

She debuted with a gorgeous feather Dress.

Little baby looked adorable while her mother dressed her in a feathery dress and lay down on the bed. Little Angel looks like a perfect fairy tale character and a real baby of birds slept well in peace. You can comment below how what the baby looks like in your eyes.

Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter-3
Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter |image Source @Instagram

Your first birthday will go down in history in this family.

Ángela del Villar appeared with a glamorous green dress, booties, and a white headband in commemoration of her first month of birth. Allusive balloons and a beautiful cake added the missing touch to the celebration. And the most special is the love of both parents, who melt for her.

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Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter-1
Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter |image Source @Instagram

They delighted the fans with the first photos of the little girl.

Just three days after delivery, Cheli showed her “shaggy,” as she jokingly told her, “Angelita.” The baby has abundant hair, as can be seen in the image in which the singer of the Mexican regional genre dedicated herself to taking care of her sleep.

Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter
Angel Del Villar & Cheli Madrid Daughter |image Source @Instagram

Her newborn face touched us.

Chiquis Rivera’s ex did not want to wait to reveal his tender face. In what appears to be an incubator at the hospital, the mommy and daddy doll received multiple messages for looking divine in this video. There were even those who thought that he looked older.

Thus they made it known that their baby had been born.

On September 27, 2020, a new family member was among them. Her name is Angela del Villar, in honor of her father. Being the first daughter in common between the music producer and his wife, the Mexican singer Cheli Madrid.

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