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Nepal Aka Clément Di Fiore One of the talented rappers in France’s modern era has left us at a very young age, 24 years. Two months after the Young rapper Nepal’s death, the posthumous album “Audios Bahamas” was released on Friday, January 10th, 2020. The news was announced by his family.

On November 20, 2019, the world stopped turning to fans of the rapper Nepal (Népal rappeur): a publication had posted on his social networks to announce the tragic death of the famous rapper Nepal, which took place a few days earlier, on November 9, 2019. This same publication announced another essential piece of information, and it appears that Nepal had completed its first album, and had already planned release dates for the singles/clips, and for the said album, The most favorable to the date Adios Bahamas now become famous, but the man behind it has gone forever.

Nepal Adios Bahamas

Clément Di Fiore Aka Nipal Biography

Clément Di Fiore, who is better known as Nepal in France, was a popular rapper in France. On October 12, 1990, he was born in 14 arrondissements of Paris, and died on November 9, 2019, in Clichy City Hauts-de Seine. Nepal is known for its Rapping and Bit-making songs in French. Also, he was known for various names, KLM and Grandmaster Splinter(noms KLM et GrandMaster Splinter), etc.

Nepal always gives importance to anonymity, wants to preserve and maintain it, and always be seen hooded, masked, and even hooded in creating a mysterious environment with skills. Nepal was a respected multitalented rapper whose talent was close to genius.

In 2009, he co-founded the 75th Session, a collective born around rappers, beatmakers, graphic designers,s and Videographers. His first video was released in 2010, which is hit as in the Name of EP Video Clash. In 2011, he inaugurated a series of freestyle with John Doe and Big names like Vlad and George Will and 2Fingz published in 2011 as a mixtape, followed by the second La Folie des Grandeurs in 2013

Nepal Biography
Nepal Biography
BORN (DATE OF BIRTH)October 12, 1990
Date of DeathNovember 9, 2019

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Nepal Rapper “posthumous album” Released

Here a few weeks later, in January 2020, Nepal’s Audio Bahamas Posthumas album was released. It is too difficult to speak of a posthumous album because it was started and finalized by the artist during his entire life. We are, therefore, far from the “posthumous albums” that we can see in the United States at this very moment Lil Peep, Mac Miller, XXXTENTACION, etc., whose projects are often created from scraps of recording that remain and which are released primarily for commercial purposes only.

For Nepal, obviously, it’s different; he had done the artistic process and projected his identity at a professional level by himself, struggling from very basic worse to the top of success. He recorded the pieces during his lifetime and had completed the record within a concise period of time. There is a nuisance between the 2, and to clarify, it seems normal because a posthumous album rarely rhymes with quality or honesty. However, the Bahamas combines the two. It has the essence of those two; after its release, it made tremendous popularity.

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How Worthy of the Name

Unlike the most popular American rappers mentioned above, Nepal’s entourage seems to be quite honest, all though he is believed to be in anonymity throughout his entire life and performance. They explained that they wanted to respect his will and artistic vision, and that’s how they released the album, The Audio Bahamas in Single.

Always following the communication style of Nepal, that is to say, soberly. Moreover, we still do not know the cause of the artist’s death, and they prefer to communicate and share his art. They even came to talk about Nepal on the Clique set, covering their faces with hoods, creating anonymity the same way he used to do.

Nevertheless, we can see their eyes and the tears in them. And as Nepal says in the song En Face: Apart from that, the name is justified, as the album’s name Audio Bahamas is really accurate and justified according to how they wanted to show the entire world. The truth is reflected in the sound of his voice when he makes lies,
In the eyes or the movements, it can be seen. So we start to think that these looks and these tears hide nothing but the truth and honesty, and we want to share them.

Audios Bahamas (Adios Bahamas)

The name of the album itself,, as the name suggests, serves as a brilliant introduction. We hear someone emerging from the water and then the sounds of birds, seagulls or gulls, and waves. In short, the beach. Which fits perfectly with the title of the project, Adios Bahamas ( Audios Bahamas in English).

Following this, a beat is launched, and a voiceover explains in Japanese that Nepal enjoyed its holidays but was looking for new adventures and that being a spectator of a world in ruins is not enough for him.; he must act and move forward. From the intro, we have the impression that Nepal remains faithful to what made its art until then, the Japanese references, the descriptive texts of rather dark reality, the extraordinary productions… This impression will be confirmed as time goes by. and CD measures.

The next track is Ennemis, Part 2, featuring Di-Meh. The duo had already done Part-1 in 2017. Part-2 is in the same line as the first, except that Nepal is experimenting with a new flow. It is about the long-awaited feat in the company of Nekfeu. As the presence of the two suggested, they rap well; they cut out the production, like what they had already done in the past, especially in the song Esquimaux, from Cyborg, where the rappers flaunt all their technique.

The two complement each other on En Face; however, by dint of wanting to be technical, Nekfeu sometimes does too much and gives the listener a headache, as it doesn’t sound as good as hoped. For example: “I remember the new Sky that we have in the square, now the squad is in the kiosks, who is it who dares what? He wants to demonstrate his talent for writing and spoils the sound’s beauty and simplicity a little. Sometimes you have to strike a balance between form and substance. He would have gained by making a more refined verse simpler in form.

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A positive message is released through this album.

Album Cover Adios Bahamas
Album Cover Adios Bahamas

The fourth song is the best: in Trajectory, Nepal, accompanied by a sample of a Japanese song, describes the crumbling system we hear about in the intro; it deals with life, death, and spirituality.

A poignant text, which takes even more depth since the death of the rapper. And he seems to take the opportunity to explain the title of his album:

By the sea, I wouldn’t even know what to do there
I live my dream in silence and I’m getting ready for winter

Au bord d’la mer, j’saurais même pas quoi y faire
J’vis mon rêve en silence et j’me prépare pour l’hiver

In the end, Nepal, who dreamed of living by the sea, would not know what to do there, so we can interpret his title “Adios Bahamas” as a farewell to his dream of resting on a sandy beach to continue his adventures in music. Through sound effects, we can still hear the sound of gulls, but this time, we mainly hear the rain’s sound, which fits perfectly with the melancholy side of the song and background music and creations of the natural magical environment. On the other hand, it ends with a message of optimism from Swiss scientist Nassim Haramein: like what is said in Opening, the world is falling apart, but you have to stay positive to build a better world.

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The second part is more original and a little less striking.

After the rain, the good weather. The Nepal disc follows this proverb since after the rain heard in Trajectory, the following songs Vibe ft. Sheldon, Lemonade, Là-Bas, and Sundance smell of the sun; they are much lighter in their sounds. We also feel a desire to evolve in Nepal because he poses on instruments different from what he had accustomed us to and he flows and goes so far as to offer singing. It changes from what he did before, but it’s very successful, especially Sundance, which has a catchy, effective chorus and positively impacts the audience.

The end of the album is slightly less striking but still as original compared to the rest of the artist’s discography. Note the presence of Doums, a long-time partner from Nepal. One would expect a track kicked through passes, but it is not: Millionaire is, surprisingly, a rather calm sound in which the two rappers pose casually. 3010 – with whom he had already collaborated in the past – is present in Sans Voir. It works well, and the two artists are in perfect harmony; 3010 offers an interesting verse. The outro, Daruma, is excellent and somewhat reminiscent of the Nepal of EPs and mixtapes. A real highlight and a perfect conclusion to this disc which asks only to be replayed.

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Nepal Instagram: Here is the Nepal Instagram Profile just check out

Best album that will impact forever

Nepal has overcome the stage of the first album well. Certainly, the disappointed of not to hear him kick a little more (knowing that this was one of his great qualities). Similarly, there can be a slight taste of disappointment not to hear him rap. with artists different from those he had already rapped with in the past. Still, Adios remains a real family success.

Nepal comes out of its comfort zone, and it changes while remaining true to itself; it takes risks that pay off, delivers a coherent album, and shows versatility, which offers replay value. There is, therefore, the beginning of an evolution of which we will unfortunately never know the end. It’s only January 2020, but people can take the challenge and bet on this record. Adios’s Nepal will be very present in the charts of the best albums of the year in December.


Death and Tributes of Nepal

On November 9, 2019, Nepal died in Clichy in the Hauts-de-Seine, one month after his twenty-ninth birthday. The news was announced publicly by his relatives on his social media eleven days later, November 20, 2019.

At the same time, they also announced the release of his first album Adios Bahamas which he had just finalized. For the first time, Nepal is directly exposed to the heart of significant media coverage 15.

In December 2019, graffiti was produced as a tribute by the 75th Session and Les Gars Laxistes. Representing the cover, Adios Bahamas is located in Rue des Thermopylae in the 14th arrondissement of Paris, the district of origin of the rapper 16.

On January 10, 2020, is unveiled, posthumously Adios Bahamas, his first album. He is released on his own label, Triple 4 Gear, created in 2019 17. Composed of 12 tracks, Nepal appears in featuring with Di-Meh, Doums, Sheldon, 3010, and Nekfeu on the title Opposite.

Begun and finalized by the artist during his lifetime 18, he dares to some originalities with pieces entirely or partially sung, varying the sounds and styles 19. During its first week of sales, it appears in the Top Album’s thirteenth position of the SNEP 20. On September 18th of the same year, the album was released in physical form in three distinct versions, a basic CD, a collector’s CD, and a vinyl. The latter is listed as the best-selling vinyl in one week of the year 2020 21.

On September 4, 2020, the Sundance music video was released. Showcasing the daily life of rapper Nekfeu as if he had never succeeded in music, the clip is directed by Syrine Boulanouar and produced by the 75th Session, on an original idea of ​​Nepal expressed before his death. From September 28 to October 2, his relatives unveiled five new songs daily accompanied by two clips, according to his wishes. Benji’s music video, shot in Sri Lanka by Nepal during his lifetime, is unveiled on Friday, October 2, and is the last piece of Clément di Fiore 22’s discography.

Brilliant as always Nepal will never cease to Shine and remain the core heart of every fan and follower and the people of dear and near one. Where ever you are, Rest in Peace

Rapper #Népal #RIP_Nepal

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