Who is Alex Shevchenko? Check Grammarly Co-founder Net Worth 2021

Alex shevchenko

Alex Shevchenko is an Entrepreneur most known for co-founding, Product lead of Grammarly SaaS tools, helping millions of people write English confidently, error-free, and with great tone and empathy. Alex Shevchenko is San Fransico-based entrepreneur Who once faced problems checking plagiarism.  The idea came into his mind when Alex went for higher study in Toronto in 2004.  Shevchenko found himself the trouble fixing his scientific work as plagiarism-free from existing content. He then With Lytvyn developed a tools website named Plagiarism Detection Application named MyDripbox.

The service was hugely popular at that time; according to the report, his Application “MyDropbox” was actively used by more than 1000 universities and 2-3 million students across the globe. But the application was sold off to Blackboard Inc in 2007, one of the leading brands in the educational technologies field.  

After working two years with a contract in Blackboard to help merge their application Mydropbox into the Blackboard ecosystem, they again came together and built a life-changing Software application.    Alex Shevchenko and Lytvyn were finally involved further deep, and in 2009, they started working on proofreading software, a grammatical-error-free writing application that we know as today “Grammarly.” Grammarly Grammar Checking software application tools is now one the leading technology to assist grammar checking online applications like chrome extension, Microsoft integration tools, etc.

Alex shevchenko
Alex Shevchenko

Alex Shevchenko Biography

Alex Shevchenko was born in Ukraine and raised there. He is one of the smart guys behind the brain of the entrepreneurial application Grammarly.  He went to college at Internationa Christian University.  To Complete his further study, he went to Toronto and took admitted to the Rotman School of management. He completed his master’s degree in Business Administration from this college which is well known around the globe. 

Alex shevchenko
Alex Shevchenko

Alex Shevchenko Grammarly Co-founder Net Worth 2021

Alex Shevchenko is now a successful entrepreneur nowadays. Starting his journey in 2004 through Myrdropbox, and then in 2009, he became the co-founder of Grammarly. According to the latest report, Alex Shevchenko Grammarly’s co-founder’s Net worth in 2021 is $50 million Approx. He is a millionaire, but his exact net worth is still unknown to us.

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  Alex Shevchenko Social Media Profile

Alex shevchenko Bio
Alex Shevchenko

You can follow him on his Social Media profile Like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and Twitter in bellow link.

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