GreekGodx Weight Loss. How Did He Lose 70 Pounds Weight?

GreekGodx Weight Loss

GreekGodx Weight Loss: GreekGodx, aka Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos, is a famous Twitch streamer. The streamer is best known for his huge body weight. Before diving into the details of GreekGodx’s Weight Loss Journey, take a look at his quick introduction.

Quick Introduction:

GreekGodx was born on October 6, 1992, in the United Kingdom. His real name is Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos, and he is currently 29 years old. He is a popular Twitch streamer who has amassed over 1.5 million followers and 30 million views. The content he provides includes IRL (In Real Life) content and a variety of live streams. According to some sources, GreekGodx has an estimated net worth of $1.1 million as of 2022. 

Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos previously used the username ‘Greekfishermanz,’ referring to his Greek heritage and childhood fishing hobby. Eventually, he got bored and changed it to ‘iiGreekGodii.’ But later, he changed it to ‘GreekGodx,’ since ‘GreekGod’ was already taken.

In this article, we will discuss GreekGodx’s Weight Loss Journey, Workouts, Diet Plans, Surgery, Before and After, and more.

GreekGodx Weight Loss Journey.

GreekGodx fans and followers used to see him as an overweight Twitch streamer since 2011. Before 2018, GreekGodx has never talked about his physical stats or being overweight. But after 2018, Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos demonstrated a commitment to living healthier and carried us along on his journey, which saw him lose about 70 pounds in one year.

Greekgodx’s weight loss decision surprised his fan following since he had earlier decided not to stream for a while. The decision to stay away from the streaming platform was met with a lot of concern from his fans, who were worried about his mental health, but when he joined Mizkif for a surprise broadcast, it became clear that he stayed away due to his weight loss journey.

His best friend, Matthew Rinaudo (best known as Mizkif), shows his concern about GreekGodx’s physical and mental health. Furthermore, Greekgodx stated that he still has a substantial amount of loose skin, and gaining muscle is still in progress.

He stated that it is all just skin, but he can easily make it into the muscle. You may also know how Billy Gardell lost 140 pounds of weight naturally.

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 Secret Behind His Weight Loss.

In 2018, Greekgodx disclosed his weight loss journey to his fans. It has been revealed that Greekgodx’s weight loss journey in 2018, and while the streamer usually discusses various topics on his channels, weight was one that he rarely discussed. So, his fans couldn’t expect it before 2018. After that, Greekgodx has completely changed his personality and lifestyle

It is evident that since 2018 the twitch streamer has changed his lifestyle completely. This is evidence of his slim fit and stronger physique. Greekgodx has revealed that he lost weight by following regular workouts and a proper diet plan.

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Dmitri Raymondo Antonatos has also followed a high protein and low carbohydrate diet as a healthy food throughout his weight loss journey. This diet plan helped him to replace the unwanted fats with protein. As a result, he noticed a faster metabolism and subsequent weight loss.

If you consume a high protein and low carbohydrate diet, you will get more energy and burn more fat. Greekgodx had been diagnosed earlier with diabetes, and he was figuring out to control his blood sugar levels. Therefore, he stopped taking sugary drinks like coffee and tea and started drinking more water. 

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The gentleman admitted that while he occasionally took a few sips to balance his sugar levels, he did it only when necessary. Moreover, Greekgodx consumed more meat, such as chicken, fish, and salads, as part of his diet plan.

Before embarking on his weight loss journey, Greekgodx led a physically inactive lifestyle. Before the weight loss journey, he spent most of his time on Twitch streaming. During his weight loss journey, he became more health-conscious.

As a result, he began to walk and even run more frequently. Spending less time on his computer and more time outside the house led him to increase his exercise. 

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GreekGodx Weight Loss Surgery

GreekGodx’s fans asked him several times if he has gone through any weight loss surgery to lose bodyweight. The fact is, he has reduced his huge weight naturally and never takes any help like surgery.

He did not undergo any surgery but instead lost all his weight through regular workouts and proper diet plans. He confessed that he is not against the weight loss surgery, but he chose the natural way.

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If someone claims that he reduced his weight quite easily, don’t believe him because there is a big secret. These methods have been followed, whether through exercise, weight loss supplements, or weight loss surgery.

There are celebrities such as Adele, Kristen Vangsness, Jessica Simpson, and Kevin James. How did they lose their huge weight? All of them tried to lose weight naturally. Keeping a proper diet of high protein and low carbohydrates and regular exercises in the gym or yoga helped them lose weight. 

Exercise and gym are familiar terms to most of you, but have you ever tried yoga? If you’re interested in weight loss, we’ve got the most useful and interesting article, ”What is yoga and how does it help to lose weight?”

Yoga can also help to improve your memory power. These methods are very simple and completely natural. There are no side effects of these processes.

GreekGodx Weight Loss – Diet Plans and Workout Routines.

The Twitch streamer,  GreekGodx, is still following his workout routines and diet plans. In addition, he also shared the experience of his weight loss journey with his fans through a YouTube video.

You must follow some essential guidelines if you are serious about losing weight, according to Greekgodx.

First of all, you need to realize what you are eating. It is important to watch what you eat and drink, said the streamer. You should pay attention to the quantity of your food and what your food contains.

Additionally, if you are attempting to lose weight, it is best to drink water instead of soft drinks.

GreekGodx Weight Loss
GreekGodx Weight Loss

He also emphasized the importance of eating healthy. As long as you watch your portions and train yourself to eat less, you can lose weight without changing your diet. In his opinion, it is necessary to find a balance between the food you eat and the amount of food you consume.

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Before the weight loss journey, GreekGodx’s weight was around 370 pounds. During a live stream, he told his followers he had a weight loss goal of 250 pounds, but he ended up losing 300 pounds. That means he lost around 70 pounds of weight, which is quite remarkable.

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At the last weight update, he stated that he weighed 300 pounds and was 50 pounds away from his targeted weight. Following natural processes such as proper diet and workouts also helped Tessa Brooks to lose a decent amount of body weight.

Before and After Weight Loss Journey

Before starting his weight loss journey, GreekGodx has around 370 pounds weight. His weight loss goal was around 250 pounds. But he managed to 70 pounds weight in one year and ended up with 300 pounds. Losing 70 pounds of body weight within a year is not just an easy task. A lot of hard work was there behind the result.

GreekGodx Before and After Weight Loss
GreekGodx Before and After Weight Loss

If you compare his pics before and after weight loss, you will realize the difference. GreekGodx did not lose weight by using any supplements. He just changed his life and found the perfect diet for himself by trying healthy foods and avoiding fast foods or junk foods.

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Greekgodx gave his best weight loss tips by saying, ”losing weight is not just an easy task. If you want to lose weight, you must be determined and work very hard. You won’t get the result quickly, so keep your patience until you succeed.

There are many lessons to be learned from GreekGodx’s weight loss journey. It is incredible to hear how he transformed his body by losing 70Ibs in a year, and he has expressed his intention to share the knowledge he has gained with others struggling with weight loss as he did.

While talking about his transformation on Instagram, he said he hasn’t let his struggle with loose skin from his overweight days stop him. In addition, he encouraged his followers to follow his tips to get better results.

He shares healthy diet plans, workout plans, and weight loss tips on social media platforms. It is wonderful to hear that he encourages all the overweight people suffering from this issue who have lost all hope.

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