WhatsApp New Feature:  Still, wake up after saying ‘goodnight’ to your partner on WhatsApp? Don’t worry, you won’t be caught this time

whatsapp new features

New features have been added to WhatsApp to ensure consumer protection. How do the new features benefit customers?

The WhatsApp company continuously updates its app to ensure consumer safety. The company is making changes to WhatsApp again. Consumers will be able to take advantage of new features.

whatsapp new features Last Seen
Whatsapp new features Last Seen

This time, consumers can hide their profile picture, their ‘Last Scene‘, and their ‘Status Update‘ from a specific person if they wish. A lot of people do not want their pictures to be seen by everyone. Your profile picture could be seen by anyone if someone’s number has been saved on your phone for so long and you are in that person’s contact list. The screenshot can be easily taken! This would compromise the safety of the users. However, this time will be different. Certain people can view your profile picture if you choose to do so.

There is a new feature that you will be able to find if you update WhatsApp on your phone. As soon as you change your profile picture, your ‘Last Scene’, and your ‘Status Update’, you will notice an option called My Contacts Except… If you choose this option, it will allow you to select phone numbers with which you do not wish to share your personal information!

whatsapp new features
Whatsapp new features

There is also a lot of public embarrassment surrounding the ‘Last Scene’. It is possible he ran into the office due to poor health. If your partner asks what’s wrong, tell him or her, that you’re getting a lot of sleep, and that you’re watching Netflix all night. During ‘Last Scene’, anyone could see if you are awake or not, and how many times you have viewed WhatsApp all day long if you have been using WhatsApp for days. It will be less of a problem this time since you can hide such information from certain people.

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whatsapp new feature Profile Picture
Whatsapp new feature Profile Picture

The privacy settings in WhatsApp will now be divided into four categories. These include:

1) Everyone: Your information will be visible to everyone.

2) My Contacts: This setting ensures that only those whose numbers are saved on your phone will have access to your information.

3) My Contacts Except: Your information can only be seen by a select group of individuals in this setting.

4) Nobody: Your information is not visible to anyone in this setting.

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