Dua Lipa Weight Loss. Know About Her Diet and Workouts

Dua Lipa Weight Loss

Dua Lipa Weight Loss: In this article, you will learn about the famous American singer Dua Lipa, who looks even more attractive after losing a decent amount of weight.

Nowadays, many people in the United States are experiencing issues related to weight gain. Weight gain issues are rapidly increasing among people in the United States. 

Most people consider actresses, singers, television stars, athletes, generalists, etc., their role models. People follow their star’s physical stats, weight loss journey, workouts, diet plans, and more.

People are pleased and curious when they know that their favorite star has lost considerable body weight. If you are a fan of America’s famous singer, Dua Lipa, and want to know about her weight loss journey, then your weight is over now. Because in this article, we will discuss everything regarding her weight loss.

So, without wasting your time, let’s start with Dua Lipa’s Diet plan.

Dua Lipa’s Diet Plan For Weight Loss

The most important thing to increase or decrease our body weight is our diet.

Dua Lipa’s career revolves around her voice, but it never hurts to have a body that can keep up with everything her career throws its way. Therefore, she’s aware of her diet and follows it, even if it changes from time to time. 

In addition to her diet being practical, she never excludes particular foods from her diet. Rather than eating such less healthy foods in large quantities, she tries to consume them in moderation. Moreover, she always takes good care of the dishes she cooks for herself.

The reason for this is that she can avoid eating too many highly processed foods full of ingredients that can cause serious health problems over time. 

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Lipa said she drinks a lot of water for her beautiful glowing skin. She consumes a proper breakfast, lunch, and dinner diet, which helps her stay slim and fit.

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Breakfast Routine

Dua Lipa prefers keeping things simple regarding breakfast, and what she eats depends on the activities she’s planning on participating in that day. 

She will have some fruits and cashew butter for breakfast if she prepares for a morning workout. It provides her plenty of plant-based protein and potassium to keep working her muscles during those workouts.

Although Lipa loves pastries, she is always willing to eat bread or her favorite donut when she doesn’t have anything work-related to do. She tries to eat smaller quantities of those sweet treats to avoid feeling sluggish after eating them.

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Lunch Routine

Since Dua Lipa is so busy all the time, she doesn’t get too much time for lunch. Thus, she reaches for lean wraps, salads, and other vegetable-rich meals that won’t leave her feeling bloated.

When she has the time to cook, she makes her best effort to prepare healthy meals. You may include Avocado, Whole Grains, Romaine Lettuce, apple, and milk at your convenience. These are the best lunch foods for weight loss.

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Dinner Routine

Dua Lipa tries to keep dinner healthy as she does with the rest of her meals. However, she sometimes indulges if she feels like eating something that’s not exactly healthy, like fast food.

She believes that food is something that should not be denied when it is wanted. Accordingly, she consumes her favorite food whenever she has a craving for it. It is also worth mentioning that Dua Lipa has also become a fan of traditional Albanian cuisine. 

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Albanian food resembles the Mediterranean diet and is filled with healthy fats like olive oil, fish, and fresh vegetables. It can be high in bread and grains, making it unsuitable for gluten intolerant people or following a low-carb diet or low-calorie diet.

Dua Lipa’s Workout Routine For Weight Loss

In an interview with Viva Magazine, Lipa revealed that she tries to work out as much as she can.

Dua Lipa to her demanding career, Dua keeps a hectic schedule, but she also works out every single day to stay in shape.

Although her workouts can be pretty quick and straightforward, they effectively work her body and muscles. She enjoys doing High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), which doesn’t last more than 15 minutes but still burns lots of calories.

If you want to try a HIIT routine, you can find this 15-minute exercise routine here.

Dua Lipa usually fits her High-Intensity Interval Training session into her early morning routine. The workout requires no equipment and allows her to quickly get a full body workout, making it perfect for her hectic schedule.

Lipa often targets her abs and glutes during her HIIT routine. She usually makes a few moves such as slow twist planks, bicycle crunches, leg lifts, and static planks.

These exercises engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously, making her workout incredibly effective every time. Lipa is always conscious of how she feels when choosing the activities she’ll incorporate into her regimen.

Lipa is somewhat stiff after all these performances and often suffers from low back pain. She avoids leg lifts and donkey kicks because these exercises put too much strain on the muscles. 

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Dua Lipa’s Group Exercises and Workouts For Weight Loss

Dua Lipa enjoys mixing up her workout routine whenever she has time to do something longer than HIIT. 

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She usually attends group exercise classes and workouts with a personal trainer when she needs an extra push. Whenever she has time, she attends boxing classes at home.

Dua Lipa Weight Loss
Dua Lipa Weight Loss

Lipa loves to do boxing as a way to stay in shape. Her workout is intense, but she also exercises her legs and arms and builds functional strength without using weights.

She takes Pilates or yoga classes whenever she wants more relaxation.

Performing these exercises keeps her body flexible to perform intense dance movements during performances.

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Some Unknown Facts About Dua Lipa Weight Loss

  • Lipa keeps up her fitness routine even when she is traveling.

  • She does whatever she can to keep things interesting.

  • It’s her passion to hit up local gyms and take classes whenever possible. 

  • By keeping her workout routine constantly fresh and new, she avoids getting burned out, which helps her stick to her practice.


Thus, it is clear that obesity is a big problem in this generation, and it also affects celebrities. Due to constant hard work, Dua Lipa successfully achieved her weight loss goal. If you also wish to lose weight, follow her diet chart and workout schedule. However, it may or may not work for you. It is essential to consult a dietitian if the things discussed do not work for you.

Thank you for reading the complete article. What do you think about Dua Lipa’s weight loss journey? Please write in the comment section given below.

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