Joe Thomas Weight Loss: How Did He Lose 50 Pounds After Retirement?

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Secret

Joe Thomas Weight Loss: Joe Thomas is considered a legend of American football. He is considered a living legend. The former NFL player‘s remarkable abilities helped him break numerous records and win the affection of tens of thousands of fans. Furthermore, Joe currently holds the record for the longest run of more than 10k consecutive snaps.

He has accomplished many things in his life; a fascinating tale goes with it all. Joe did not maintain his fitness in his younger years, so it takes a lot of hard work to become the best offensive lineman. A saying states that there is a path for every burning desire.

In response to the frequent fluctuations in his weight, he had difficulty adjusting his behavior. In an interview with Men’s Health, Joe described the circumstances of his formative years.

When Joe arrived on campus at Wisconsin in July of his first year, he weighed 250 pounds. Thomas also said they considered playing him on the offensive line but decided not to. At 250 pounds, it was just not feasible.

Nevertheless, Thomas was not deterred, and he immediately focused on improving his fitness, particularly with his recent weight gain. Within a few months, Joe gained a total of 325 pounds by eating “a sandwich every 30 minutes the rest of the day.”

By doing that, Thomas earned the spot on the offensive line he so desired.

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Joe Thomas’s Fans Surprised Due To His Recent Weight Loss

The narrative of Joe’s fitness through his career is something that we will discuss further later. However, Joe’s startlingly rapid weight loss is what caught everyone by surprise. Since Thomas retired, his fans have had fewer opportunities to see him play.

As such, when they saw Thomas’ new photo doing the rounds online, their surprise reaction was understandable given the context. Joe has reduced 50 pounds and is still trying to shed more. His burning question now is how he accomplished it. Let’s figure it out.

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Gain Weight Deliberately Throughout His Career

Consequently, Joe prioritized maintaining a steady weight since it was one of his primary concerns. As a result, I had to maintain my weight at the same level as Joe.

In response to Joe’s issue, he said, “it was difficult because I knew if I didn’t eat a Thanksgiving dinner for two hours, I would lose weight.” Accordingly, he was the person who always cleared everyone’s plates.

On the positive side, he succeeded in losing additional weight and changed his unhealthy eating habits, which may explain his eventual struggle with gaining weight.

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Joe Thomas Weight Loss Journey

In addition to wondering how he did it, another question immediately comes to mind: why did he accomplish it? Well, after retirement, Joe didn’t travel much. Despite going to the gym and working out, the extra weight he had gained playing video games was no longer necessary and was posing some problems for him.

Too much weight made Joe’s movement more challenging and jeopardized his physical wellbeing. At the end of the season, Joe said, “I couldn’t wait until I was done playing and could drop weight and feel better and shoot hoops with friends again.” I wanted to return to my weight in high school, 250 pounds.

We have looked at the reasons for his weight loss objectives, but let’s also look at the methods he used to achieve them. Joe made significant lifestyle changes to lose weight. He abandoned nearly all of his old habits, but mostly he worked on his eating habits.

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How did Joe Thomas lose 50 pounds after retirement?

During an interview with Men’s Health, Thomas spoke about losing weight after his NFL days ended. In the beginning, it was easy to lose the first few dozen pounds by reducing his caloric intake. So, Thomas started following a low-carb diet, low-calorie foods, intermittent fasting, and also used apps to track his eating.

Thomas said food tracking helped him become more aware of what he’d eaten and adjust his diet accordingly. Thomas raved about eating an anti-inflammatory diet, similar to Tom Brady. Thomas discovered he felt better after cutting out sugar and high-calorie foods from his diet. 

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Secret
Joe Thomas Weight Loss Secret

There is no longer any resemblance between him and the former Hall of Fame offensive lineman. The former Cleveland Brown’s offensive tackle Joe Thomas retired last season after a stellar 11-year career.

Thomas made the Pro Bowl 10 times and played more than 10k consecutive snaps. Though the NFL doesn’t track lineman sacks, Thomas reportedly allowed only thirty in more than six thousand and six hundred pass rushes.

He may be the most outstanding offensive lineman of all time. Thomas, however, was not always a fit lineman. His trip to his 325-pound playing weight may have been more surprising than his offseason weight-loss transformation.

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Joe Thomas explains how he gained weight and lost it to Men’s Health.

“My weight at Wisconsin was 250 pounds on the first day. They were trying to move me to a position on offense. But 250 pounds wasn’t going to do.

To reach 250 pounds in high school, I would eat a sandwich every 30 minutes in addition to my three main meals daily. Before bed, I would drink around a 35-ounce glass of whole milk with my last sandwich.

I gained more than 30 pounds by December of my first year in college. Every year I gained another 10 pounds until I was 310 pounds. At every meal, you eat until you feel like I’m going to burst. We had this drink. It looked like a big milk carton but contained 980 calories of mostly fat.

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In the NFL, being 325 pounds helped me in the run game when I tried to move people. In the passing game, I had more trouble bull rushing. Being bigger is good if you can get bigger faster than you can get smaller.

Despite this, maintaining my NFL weight was always a struggle. Most guys dreaded weigh-in days because they’d be fined if they were too heavy. I dreaded weighing in too light and being chastised by my coach.

I was stressed because I knew I was losing weight without a Thanksgiving meal for two hours.

Whenever we went out, I was the guy cleaning everyone’s plates. I would order a few appetizers, a couple of entrees, and dessert for myself, and then I would finish my wife’s and everybody else’s meals. It was amusing, but it was stressful for them.

Without food for two hours, I could have eaten someone’s arm. I was hungry. Perhaps I wasn’t the best person to be around.”

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“You’re just eating until you’re sick at every meal. This isn’t sustainable.”

“I also experienced heartburn from eating large amounts of carbohydrates or sugar. I snorted a lot. I probably had sleep apnea. My wife said periodically I would stop breathing in the night. You get used to eating that much. But you’re eating literally until you feel sick at every meal. And that’s not healthy.

I was looking forward to being done playing basketball so I could lose weight, move around, feel better, and play basketball with my friends again. The weight I wanted to be in high school was 250 pounds.

In my last year in football, I had a great dietician named Katy. She encouraged me to track everything I ate rather than: fill up my plate! Finish it!

My first weight loss was a straightforward process. I just dialed back my calories to eat like an average person. Next, I needed to consume food more sensibly. I started tracking my meals and understanding my ideal protein, carb, and fat ratio.

As a result of tracking my food on the app and seeing that one food had so much sugar added, I have discovered my best strategy is to eat low carb but be flexible with intermittent fasting. Fasting has the primary benefit of eliminating breakfast, which accounts for 80% of my calories.

As a result, eating proteins and fats keep me full. Carbs, on the other hand, only make me hungrier. I finished a stack of ten pancakes my wife made Christmas morning, which provided about 3,000 calories. And two hours later, I was still hungry.

It was also causing a lot of inflammation that I was eating sugars and other high-calorie foods in copious quantities. I’d heard people like Tom Brady talk about anti-inflammatory diets and the effect certain foods have on the body, but I always thought that was a bunch of bull.

My knees suddenly felt better once I went low carb. This swelling that I had walked around with daily was gone. The pain in my knees also disappeared.

Exercise is tricky for me now because I’m so sensitive to my joints. I’m doing what could be described as bodybuilding lifting, and my rep schemes usually are higher. I’m also really into swimming and biking. Because I’m so big, low-impact cardio is best.

Yoga is also a favorite because it improves my flexibility, prevents joint pain, and is cardio for me. My wife laughs, saying that it is a stretch but an excellent workout because I sweat so much. I am down to 255 pounds. I’m just trying to lose a little bit right now.”

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The Joe Thomas Diet Plan

Joe began his weight loss journey by reducing his sugar intake since he had developed an addiction to the substance. Thomas was prone to overeating and had a sweet tooth, which led him to overeat when he ate.

Joe began keeping a food journal to track what he consumed to solve this issue. He meticulously documented each meal he consumed to find the solution to the problem.

His method was to use a smartphone application called MyPlate Calorie Counter. The application is simple to use. You enter the item’s name and quantity, and the app will provide you with its calorie information. Future data will be collected throughout the day, and you will receive the complete report at the end of the day.

Joe successfully reduced the amount of sugar he consumed and stopped eating food containing oil after using the app for a few days. Thomas learned that he consumed far too much sugar and began taking steps to reduce his intake.

He started his fast and experienced the best results by eliminating breakfast, which amounted to about 900 to 1k calories. Joe could minimize the number of calories he consumed and make the necessary adjustments to his diet plan to be healthier.

Aside from modifying his diet, Joe also devoted more time and attention to his exercise program. These two important actions eventually allowed him to overcome his weight problem. Scroll below to read about Joe Thomas’ Workout Strategy.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss Workout Strategy

Thomas engaged in cardiovascular exercise but also experienced joint problems due to a diet plan that didn’t include exercise. Since burning calories is crucial to losing weight, a diet plan that excludes exercise won’t be as effective as one that does.

Since he is a more significant person, low-impact cardio is his preferred form of cardio. “I fell in love with riding and swimming simultaneously,” Thomas explained to the journalist.

As well as cardio workouts, Joe does yoga to help him achieve mental calm and feel better physically. Despite this, his wife makes fun of him despite his actions. “My wife laughs at my activity, but I get terrific exercise from it since I sweat so much,” he said.

Joe Thomas Weight Loss (Before and After)

Joe started at 305 pounds and has since dropped to 255 pounds, a 50-pound weight loss. It is pretty amazing to see anything like this take place. Thomas looks completely different when we compare his before and after pictures.

Joe Thomas Before and After Weight Loss

Joe Thomas Before and After Weight Loss

What matters more than how he looks or weighs is how he feels. It seems he feels a lot healthier in retirement because of his diet.

Final Thoughts About Joe Thomas Weight Loss:

To shed unhealthful and excess pounds, Joe has taken the right path at the right time. He achieved positive health results by making the right decisions at the right time.

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